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Emacs is a very versatile and extensible editor. Its extensibility comes from having a built in Lisp interpreter; most of its functionality has been added via Lisp libraries written in the Emacs-Lisp Lisp dialect called 'elisp'. This directory gives you access to the most popular, and best elisp resources on the Web.
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Dictionary - Package for talking to a dictionary server. MMM Mode - A package to use multiple major modes in one GNU Emacs buffer. Noah Friedman's Elisp Archive - Collection of major and minor modes, user interface enhancements, and library routines. Lookup - Search interface to access dictionaries online from within Emacs. Verilog Mode - A mode to edit Verilog HDL files with Emacs. Emacs Packages - Packages for: buffer selection and cycling by C-TAB; fast navigation through toplevel definitions; Gimp Script Fu; highlighting regular expressions, current word. Dave Pearson's Emacs Stuff - Some helpful Emacs packages. Martin Schwenke's Emacs Hacks - Including a mode for eiffel, a stand-alone version of gnuserv for GNU Emacs, and desire.el, a configuration helper package for Emacs. Storm's Emacs Resources - Featuring cua.el, a package to provide the CUA Key binding for cut, copy, and paste without losing the normal Emacs key bindings. Also featuring ido.el, a package providing highly interactive versions of find-file and switch-to-buffer. Online Journal Software for Emacs - This package allows you to keep an index to your personal journal. Zenirc - Emacs as an IRC client. Malyon Interpreter - Major mode for playing z3/5/8 story files. A z-code interpreter written entirely in elisp. Session - A package to save various variables and registers which reflect your current editing state to a file which is loaded into your next session. Template - Packages for auto-updating and file templates. X-Symbol - Get some kind of WYSIWYG in LaTeX and HTML source. emacs at - Emacs Lisp software including etexshow (Browser for ConTeXt commands), recent files menu, tea timer, evening commander. Flyspell - A package for on the fly spell checking. ESS : Emacs Speaks Statistics - Package provides support for many statistical languages such as the S family, SAS, or XLS. Ispell.el - The development site which contains the latest beta releases of the Emacs interface to ispell not yet included into the standard distributions. Emacs Code by Stephen Eglen - Various modes provided by the maintainer of the ELL. The Emacs Lisp List - Collection of links to Elisp packages mostly not part of the standard distributions. GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual - The official resource for all Elisp questions. Harley Gorrell's Elisp - Various modes for editing crontab files or DNA sequences, an addition to perl-mode, and footnote support. Eric Marsden's Download Page - Beside Common Lisp and Scheme files, various Elisp packages are available. Amongst others there is an implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol, a HTTP server embedded in Emacs, and a simple library for the Common Gateway Interface, which allows you to service requests for non static web pages. Howm - A wiki-like note-taking tool on Emacs. Introduction to Emacs Lisp Programming - (Second Edition) Official Free Software Foundation manual. Emacs Tiny Tools - Collection of packages to improve your Emacs environment.
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