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This category holds links to software, web, and FTP sites pertaining to compilers and interpreters for the Lisp programming language in any form.
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Common Lisp to C Compiler: CLiCC - Not a CL system, compiles Lisp programs into working C programs; is coded in Lisp; supports strict, very large subset of CL + CLOS. Descriptions, documents, downloads. [Open Source, GPL] Corman Technologies - Corman Lisp and PowerLisp compilers with support for 68k and PPC Macs. [Shareware/Freeware for personal use] Opus - A version of Berkeley Franz Lisp for 386-based NetBSD systems. Scieneer Common Lisp: SCL - Multi-threaded CL, supports symmetrical multiprocessor (SMP) Unix systems. CMU Common Lisp: CMUCL - CL implementation, runs on most major Unix platforms, mainly conforms to ANSI CL standard; fast compiler outputs native code, of near C speed; powerful module system, data structures. [Freeware] Ufasoft Lisp - Common Lisp development system. Includes command-line and IDE interpreters. Possibility of creating EXE-files. [Free non-commercial and education use] ECoLisp: ECL - Embeddable Common Lisp, implementation to embed in C-based programs; FTP site. GNU Common Lisp: GCL - FTP site, many downloads. [Open Source, GPL] LispWorks Ltd. - ANSI CL and IDE with cross-platform GUI tools for Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows. Related products and services. Free and commercial versions. librep - Shared library implementing Lisp dialect that is lightweight, fairly fast, highly extensible. Has interpreter, byte-code compiler, virtual machine. Programs may use interpreter as an extension language, or it may be used for standalone scripts. [Open source, GPL] CLISP - Interpreter and FASL compiler, portable ANSI Common Lisp implementation, CLtL2 conformant, available for many platforms; multilingual user interface. [Open Source, GPL] Allegro CL - Franz Allegro is a CL compiler available for Linux, Unix, and Windows. Free and commercial versions. ProLisp - An interpreter for a lexically scoped minimalistic Lisp of Lisp 1.5 type. It written in C++ and currently runs under Linux. [Open source] ECL: Embeddable Common Lisp - ANSI CL, has interpreter, Lisp to C compiler, can make standalone executables or libraries to call from C programs. [Open source, LGPL] newLISP - General purpose scripting Lisp dialect for Cygwin, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Win32; like Scheme but with dynamic scoping; GUI version has IDE with editors and source level debugger, Tcl/Tk frontend. [Open Source, GPL] PLisp - Language gets overall syntax from Common Lisp and operators and datatypes from PostScript (PS). Compiler translates PLisp to PS, which can then run on any PS engine. Wiki page with description, links, code samples. SBCL: Steel Bank Common Lisp - Compiler and runtime system for ANSI CL. Has interactive environment including an integrated native compiler, debugger, many extensions; runs on many platforms. [Open Source, GPL] CLISP - ANSI Common Lisp implementation: descriptions, documents, FAQs, downloads, links, developers. GNU Common Lisp: GCL - CL interpreter. Home site: description, mail list, archives, news, CVS, downloads, links. [Open Source, GPL] Armed Bear Common Lisp - ANSI CL, runs on Java Virtual Machine, JVM. Has runtime system, compiler turns Lisp source to JVM bytecode, interactive REPL to develop programs. [Open Source, GPL] ACL2 - Applicative Common Lisp, multipurpose system. Most common uses: language for programming, specification, modeling; a formal mathematical logic, semi-automatic theorem prover. [Open Source, GPL] Lush: Lisp Universal SHell - Object-oriented language for researchers, experimenters, engineers, for large-scale numerics and graphics. Merges 3 languages: (1) weakly-typed, garbage-collected, dynamically scoped, interpreted language with Lisp syntax, (2) strongly-typed, lexically-scoped compiled language with Lisp syntax, (3) C language, can be freely mixed with Lush code in one program, even in one function. OpenLisp by Eligis - ISLisp interpreter, coded in C, ported to over 90 architectures, 16- to 64-bits. [commercial, free non-commercial use] EuLisp - Dialect of scope similar to Common Lisp, object-oriented, but organized differently, with claimed cleaner design, by a group of European industrial and academic Lisp users and implementors. Description, FTP server, contacts, links. PyLisp - Tiny Lisp in Python: brief description, download. DotLisp - Interactive Lisp dialect for CLR (.Net) scripting, development. Deep CLR integration, sharing type system, GC, other runtime services, transparent access to .Net w/o a FFI or wrappers. Open source, BSD. EuLisp Programming Language - Level-0 description document with history, definitions. GOO - Generic Object Orientator, replaces Protojunior: OO, type-based prefix-syntax language; like a simpler, more dynamic, Lispy Dylan and OO Scheme; simple, efficient, extensible. Description, manual, rationale, downloads. Wade's Common Lisp: WCL - Implements CL for Linux on x86 hardware, has large CL subset as a shared library that can link with Lisp and C code to make efficient, small programs; suitable for embedding in other programs.
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