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Lisp for Robot AI Minds - Artificial intelligence in Lisp. Genworks International - GDL Application Development System, dynamic Knowledge Base Language and Development Environment; Generative Web Language (GWL), an integrated web-based user interface platform, for rapid development and deployment of dynamic webserver-based apps. ANSI Common Lisp based. cCLan - A project to package and easily distribute Lisp software. It is loosely modelled after the ideas behind CPAN, for Perl. CLiki - Interactive, collaborative Wiki dedicated to Common Lisp. Large amount of diverse information. AllegroServe - Web application server to embed in Common Lisp programs. [Open Source, LGPL] lisp-cgi-utils - A software package for developing CGI scripts with Common Lisp. It implements a very basic HTTP/CGI interface (sending headers, getting GET/POST and environment variables) and offers tools for easier HTML generation with special support for handling HTML forms. [Open source, LGPL] CL-PPCRE - A portable Perl-compatible regular expressions for Common Lisp. [Open source, BSD-style license] RDNZL - A .NET layer for Common Lisp. Lets CL programs interact with .NET libraries. Open source, BSD-like license. CL-GD - A library for Common Lisp which provides an interface to the GD Graphics Library for the dynamic creation of images. It is based on UFFI and should thus be portable to all CL implementations supported by UFFI. [Open source, BSD-style license] CL-Interpol - Library for Common Lisp, modifies reader to have interpolation within strings similar to Perl or Unix Shell scripts; gives various ways to insert arbitrary characters into literal strings even if editor/IDE doesn't support them. [Open source, BSD-style license] CL-WHO - A Lisp Markup Language, i.e. it provides convenient means to convert S-expressions intermingled with code into (X)HTML, XML, or whatever. [Open source, BSD-style license] HTML-Template - Portable library for Common Lisp, can be used to fill templates with arbitrary (string) values at runtime; loosely modeled after Perl module HTML::Template and compatible with a subset of its syntax. [Open source, BSD-style license] TBNL - A toolkit for building dynamic websites with Common Lisp. It employs the popular Apache web server for the actual HTTP communication between the server and the browser and it uses Marc Battyani's mod_lisp for the communication between Apache and the Lisp image. [Open source, BSD-style license] URL-Rewrite - Small package, can be used to programmatically rewrite (X)HTML documents, to replace some attribute values by others. Description, code samples, downloads, links. [Open source, BSD-style license] CL-EMB - A library to embed Common Lisp and special template tags into normal text files. Can be used for dynamically generated HTML pages. [Open source, Lisp Lesser General Public Licence] McCLIM - An open source implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager, a portable and standardized library for constructing user interfaces. CL-WIKI - Wiki engine for Common Lisp. Runs alone or on Apache + mod_lisp. [Open source, Lisp Lesser General Public License] Hunchentoot - Web server coded in Common Lisp; supports HTTP/1.1 chunking, persistent connections (keep-alive), and SSL; works only with LispWorks. Garnet - A user interface development environment for Common Lisp and X11 or Macintosh. It helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software. Foil: Foreign Object Interface for Lisp - Protocol and libraries that help access common object runtimes (JVM, CLI/CLR (.MET)) and their libraries, from Lisp. Open source, Common Public License. Common Lisp Music - A music synthesis and signal processing package in the Music V family.
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