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This category holds links on Assembly languages that run on computers, PCs and otherwise, using Intel and compatible x86-based architecture central processor units: CPUs. Main members of the Intel x86 family: 8086, 8088, 80186, 80286, 80386, 80486, 80586 (Pentium), 80686 (Pentium II), 80786 (Pentium III), 80886 (Pentium 4), and more to come. Some x86 compatibles: AMD, Cyrix, Transmeta, Winchip, etc.
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Intel Developer Home - Technical product specifications, documentation, support, tools. Almost all you need to know about Intel products. terse - Algebraic assembly language employing prefix, infix, and postfix notation. Assembler simplified. Biggest advance in low-level programming since Macro Assembler. All the control of assembler, with the ease-of-use and look-and-feel of high-level languages. Low cost. - Tutorials, downloads and links about programming assembly in windows, as well as a public snippet library. Dedicated Debugging Tool (DDT) - A full screen debugging tool, DDT captures the interrupt vectors and allows users to debug and alter the execution environment in a number of ways. Hello, World program - Assembly Language for the IBM-PC TALx86 - A Typed Assembly Language for x86. Supports sums, arrays, references, recursive types, subtyping, type tagging, and modules. Brian's Page - Assembler graphics and tracked music, links. Int 80h - Assembly language programming under Unix in general, and FreeBSD in specific. Paul Hsieh's x86 Assembly Language Page - Articles, optimization hints and algorithms, x86 related links. David Parker's Assembly Language Library - Free assembler and linker download links and install instructions. Assembly documentation, tips and tricks. MASM32 - A working development for 32-bit Microsoft assembler. It includes useful libraries, documentation and tutorials. Webster - Assembly language programming and HLA by Randall Hyde. Book homepages. Assembly language programming tools review. Articles and FAQ. MASM Forum - A forum for MASM assembler language programmers. ASM Community - For developers using assembler in Win32 environment. Includes message board, wiki book, and project hosting.
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