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This category holds links on operating systems (OSs) that run on computers, PCs and otherwise, using Intel and compatible x86-based architecture central processor units: CPUs. Main members of the Intel x86 family: 8086, 8088, 80186, 80286; and: IA32: 80386, 80486, 80586 (Pentium), 80686 (Pentium II), 80786 (Pentium III), 80886 (Pentium 4); and: IA64: 80986? (Itanium); and more to come. Some x86 compatibles: AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Cyrix, Dragon, E2K (Elbrus), Transmeta, Winchip (Centaur, was IDT), etc. Links at the top of this page lead to other directory categories which hold OSs that run on x86s, and often on other architectures, but which have other, more distinctive traits that identify them as members of some class of OS found in the current directory taxonomy. OSs listed in this category are those that, for historic reasons, or the intent of program authors, run on x86s only, and have no other distinctive trait by which to classify them in the current directory taxonomy. These all seem to have monolithic kernels. An OS is listed in this category if there seems no clearer, more specific category for it. This category also has some other links that are hard to fit elsewhere, of which there are always a few.
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The Mobius: SourceForge - A few screenshots, details, links. RDOS - Multi-process/threaded protected mode OS for all i386+ systems, written in all 16-/32-bit Assembly in TASM, fully PROMable so can port to embedded systems with no keyboard and/or screen, stable and secure via segment protection and paging. [Open Source, GPL] Domainatrix - Assembly language OS for x86 architecture, hot-swappable kernel, made to serve the Web, written originally for programmer's personal interest and education after moving to the PC platform from his old 8-bit machine. Philosophically similar to V2 OS. Visopsys - VISual OPerating SYStem: small, fast, home-brewed, open source OS kernel for x86. Includes project background, screenshots, source code and useful links for OS developers. [Open Source, GPL] XAOS - Runs on i386+, 16-bit real mode, FAT12/16/32 (read-only, LFN support), coded in C++; downloads: binaries, source, utilities, game (tetris source); downloads. [Open Source] TriangleOS - 32-bit multitasking, multithreaded OS for x86 386+ CPUs, with GUI, FSs, applications, drivers, all in active development. Site has information, news, documents, screenshots, downloadable releases. Synapse Operating Services - Protected mode, multitasking support, 32-bit; developed on x86-32, intended to run on x86-64 with some changes; DOS-like, but not fully compatible, use: to run ported DOS programs up to 512K. At SourceForge. [Open Source, BSD] ScottsNewOS - Runs on i386+ compatible, working GUI even on 4 MB. Coded in Assembly, C. Brief description, download link. [Open Source, GPL] PM_SZ_OS - Protected mode, 32-bit OS for i486 CPUs and up, full network stack, supports several filesystems, paging, deferred procedure call support, and virtual multiple screens with different resolution and scrollback. Free download.
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