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The Horticulture category focuses on businesses engaged in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, turf grass, and ornamental plants. Generally production involves relatively small acreage and more intensive methods as compared to that of field crops, although this distinction is not always precise. Businesses in this sector may be described as:
  • Nurseries, including trees, shrubs, exotics, perennials, bedding plants, and bulbs,
  • Market Gardeners or Produce Growers,
  • Greenhouses,
  • Orchards,
  • Christmas tree farms,
  • Seed companies,
  • Turf farms, or
  • Floral companies.
Companies offering materials and supplies specifically designed for horticultural producers are also found here, as well as sites related to the import and export of horticultural products. Industries included are those who typically supply wholesalers, retailers, landscapers, other growers, supermarkets, and occasionally home consumers.

Sites not listed in this category include:

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Suttons Consumer Products - Seeds, plants, bulbs, young plants, and other horticultural products for amateur gardeners in the United Kingdom and for export around the world. Lawn seed, seed displays, Horticultural Heritage decorative greeting cards and gardening nostalgia, and plant care products such as water storage crystals. Paigtnon, Devon, England. Bill Moore & Company - Broker of young plants and other starter materials including seedlings, cuttings, offsets, liners, tissue-cultured, and air-layered plants. Ornamental plants include cut flowers, flowering pot plants, holiday pots, annuals, perennials, tropical flowering, landscape, bulbs, and baskets. Nutri-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd - An Australian company specialising in organic fertilisers. Offers free soil therapy check. Floriculture Worldwide Network - Industry news, conference schedules, and books on bedding plants, pot plants, and cut flowers from Ball Publishing's magazines GrowerTalks, Green Profit, FloraCulture International and Seed Trade News. Blackmore Company - Greenhouse equipment including automated seeders (seed sowing equipment), flat fillers, plug transplanters, taggers. Greenhouse supplies include a full line of plug trays, and growing flats and pots. Belleville, Michigan. - Garden Forum links all people within the garden and horticulture industry with information, advice and news. Hendry County Horticulture - Southwest Florida vegetable pest and disease hotline, vegetables newsletter, and links. Crops covered include watermelon, tomato, pepper. Actively changing content covers pesticides, biocontrol, and the FQPA (Food Quality Protection Act.) University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service, LaBelle, Hendry County, Florida. Bascom Maple Farms - Provides equipment and supplies for the extraction of maple syrup. Acorn Planting Products - Shelters, guards, ties and mulching materials for trees and shrubs. USDA - Fruit and Vegetable Market Programs - Part of the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA. Describes scope, services, committees, and has a selection of links. Horticopia - Software references featuring plant pictures and data designed for landscapers, nursery, garden center, and education. Plant tag software. Includes product and ordering information, plant list, and company information. Rough Brothers Inc. - Designs, manufactures, and builds greenhouses, conservatories, and related systems for commercial applications. Cincinnati, Ohio. Horticulture Australia - A national research, development and marketing organization for the horticulture industry. Includes programs, news and events, statistics, and reports. Growmore Biotech Ltd. - Company in India producing pre-hardened tissue-cultured plants for customers in Europe and Australia. Products include a variety of ornamental plants, tree and field crops, and medicinal plants. Condor Growers - Private grower in California producing primarily cherimoya fruit and ornamental eucalyptus, and selling to wholesale distributors and large retailers. Information about the two products. Wailea Agricultural Group - Hawaii supplier of heart of palm, tropical flowers, and tropical fruits for the wholesale market, using sustainable agriculture practices. HPP - Exhibition and conference organisers for horticulture, floriculture and construction. Lists events. Dutch Plantin - Dutch processing company of cocopeat, coco pith, coco husks, coir products and growbags. Includes company profile and product list. The Farwest Show - Greenhouse and nursery trade show in Oregon, held annually in late summer. Information for exhibitors and visitors. Superb Horticulture - Suppliers of products to the fruit, vegetable, nursery, and specialty agriculture markets in the eastern U.S. Group of companies includes Indiana Berry and Plant Co. (different types of berries, rhubarb, asparagus, horseradish, Kiwi, and grapes). Other companies are Hadwin Supply and Berthoud Montana Sprayers. Lynx Horticultural Systems - Manufacturer of fruit grading equipment for the packing industry. Products include sizing equipment, singulators, fruit weighing equipment, and color readers for packhouses. Auckland, New Zealand.
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