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"There is no God but God, and Muhammad is His prophet" - the fundamental statement of belief of a Muslim. We welcome websites which express/develop/describe/analyse the faith and practice of Islam. We aim for an inclusive representation of the community of Islam, with all its variety and cultural richness.
Sites [ Submit ] - A UK-based portal for Muslims offers news; listings of mosques, charities, and educational institutions; an advice section; books and audio resources; and a collection of articles with links. Back To Quran Movement - Encouraging the younger generation towards a picture of Islam as presented by the Quran and Hadith. Features quotations from the Quran as well as Muhammed's last sermon, a picture gallery, and an introduction to Islam for non-Muslims. Islam - Explores the basic teachings of Islam, its culture, history, economic system, and historical figures. Also features forum, news, and buyer's guide. eMuslim - Features information on the Quran, Mohammed, Abraham, Jesus, Islam. Also features an extensive discussion on how the Quran corresponds with scientific findings and why Islam condemns terrorism. - Islamic information portal, including discussion forums, articles, and links. Muslims - PBS Frontline documentary that examines Islam's worldwide resurgence through the stories of diverse Muslims struggling to define the role of Islam in their lives and societies. Islam - A substantial introduction to the religion, and Muslim beliefs, practices and history, from the BBC. Discover Islam - Covers a variety of topics about Muslim belief and practice, in the form of question and answer. Beautiful Islam: the Complete Way of Life - Presents the essential tenets of Islam; also includes articles on current conflicts in the Muslim world, and comparative religion. - A substantial collection of resources on Islam, with articles, forums, Quran recitation, audio resources, and a categorised directory of Muslim-interest websites. Islam Awareness - A collection of essays on Islamic belief, religious practice, culture, and social issues; brief country profiles and commentary on current affairs. Also offers a FAQ page. The Religion of Islam - A collection of articles on Muslim belief and practice. Includes sections on becoming a Muslim and current issues. Islam - An introduction to Islam, with links to Wikipedia's considerable collection of articles on the religion, its teachings, history, and practice. The Amman Message - A statement clarifying the true nature of Islam, established by consensus of Sunni, Shia, and Ibadhi scholars, under the leadership of King Abdullah of Jordan. Includes text, endorsements, media resources, and PDF downloads. Arrahman-Arraheem - Aims to disprove misconceptions about Islam and show Islam as a religion of peace. Features videos of lectures and events, information on the Quran and Hadith, FAQ, and information on and lectures by Babar Chaudhry. Islam 101 - An educational site on Islam, its way of life, civilization and culture. Features introductory courses and tests on Islam as well as a glossary, email lists, articles, PowerPoint presentations, and other resources. Islam - A schematic overview of Islam; includes articles on the Sunni, Shia and Sufi traditions. [Provided by The Department of Religion and Ethics, St Martin's College, Lancaster, UK]
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