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Philosophy of art, or aesthetics, is the branch of philosophy examining the nature of art and of the experience of art. Art, in this context, is broadly conceived as including the visual arts, literature, poetry, music, and dance.
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Trevor Pateman's Selected Works - Topics in philosophical aesthetics including imagination, formalism, beauty and Rothko. Terrain Gallery - Based on the philosophic principles of Aesthetic Realism, founded by Eli Siegel. Located in SoHo, New York City. Aesthetics of Symmetry - A numerical rating system to judge the visual impact and aesthetics of various motifs operated upon by symmetrical transformations. Aesthetic Judgment - Philosophical theories about judgments of taste; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Nick Zangwill. Class Home Page: Philosophy 361 - Complete Philosophy of Art internet course at California State University, Long Beach. Includes e-texts and extensive links. Contemporary Art Test - Criteria for determining quality in contemporary art. Links to Biddington's art business. The Infography - Aesthetics: Ethical Aspects - Sources for the study of the ethical aspects of aesthetics. The End of Art - Discussion of "The Death of Art" theory at Frostburg State University Philosophical Forum. Beauty in the Ear of the Beholder - An essay discussing Eduard Hanslick's theory of the musically beautiful, with links to further information and sound recordings. Japanese Aesthetics - Overview of the most important aesthetic ideas that have arisen in the course of the Japanese philosophical tradition. From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 18th Century French Aesthetics - Jacques Morizot's entry examines the French junction between Enlightenment ideals and the teachings of taste. From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Thomas Becker's Philosophy about Music - Composer, Thomas Becker's ideas about beauty and quality in music. Beauty Matters - Articles and teaching resources on aesthetics, visual art, fashion and the culture of beauty. John Berger Quotes - Quotations from the writings of the Marxist/humanist art critic, artist and novelist. - Exploring virtual reality and the philosophy of art, with methodology, biography, and essays on virtuality. African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning - University of Virginia exhibition site emphasizing the formal aesthetic aspects of the objects and the moral and religious ideas they express, beyond cultural boundaries. Transcendental Aesthetics and Writing - Aesthetics in transcendental literature, including Emerson and Thoreau. Aesthetics - Barry Hartley Slater gives an overview of this branch of philosophy explaining concepts such as sublime, representation, aesthetic value, and expression.From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Transhistorical Image: Philosophizing Art and its History - Daniel Herwitz reviews this book by Paul Crowther. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. The Enchantment of Modern Life: Attachments, Crossings, and Ethics - Stanley Bates reviews this book by Jane Bennett.From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Seven Discourses on Art by Sir Joshua Reynolds - Download the Project Gutenberg eBook of Seven Discourses on Art by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Philosophy and Literature - Including ideas in the aesthetics of literature, philosophical interpretation of literature, and literary treatment of philosophy, hosted by Project MUSE.
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