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"When the late Senator J. William Fulbright sponsored legislation establishing the prestigious Fulbright Program, which was signed into law by President Truman on August 1, 1946, he saw a world devastated by war and awed by its newly acquired atomic power. Remembering his own overseas experience as a Rhodes Scholar, the young Senator reasoned that people and nations had to learn to think globally if the world was to avoid annihilation. He believed that if large numbers of people lived and studied in other countries, "they might develop a capacity for empathy, a distaste for killing other men, and an inclination for peace."

"In more than 50 years, the Fulbright Program has enabled nearly a quarter of a million people from the United States and 140 other countries to live and study in another country. ...

"What is most unique about this program is that it has established a global system of binational exchanges, each between the United States and a partner nation. There are over 50 Binational Commissions ... administering the Fulbright Program around the world."
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Fulbright Uruguay - Describes grants for US and Uruguayan citizens, with news and employment information. [English/Spanish] Fulbright Program in the Slovak Republic - Describes programs for US and Slovak citizens and institutions, with list of current grantees and annual report. [English/Slovensky] The Danish Fulbright Commission - Lists staff and board members, with news, current grantees, and academic counseling information. [English/Danish] J. W. Fulbright Commission in the Czech Republic - Describes history of commission and current scholarship programs, with test preparation resources, description of Czech education system, and photos and reports from conferences. [English/Czech] Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission - News, scholarships, and information on current and past grantees. [English/Polish] The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program - Describes award and funder opportunities, lists current grantees, and offers resources for alumni and supporters. [English/French] Comissão Fulbright - Brazil. Interviews, news, and weblog of program participants, with description and application procedures for currently available grants. [English/Portuguese] The Japan-United States Educational Commission (JUSEC) - Gives history of program and current grant opportunities, with statistics and links to alumni and educational advice sites. [English/Japanese] Malaysian American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) - Describes Fulbright programs, with information on testing, and advising, and resources for alumni. United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) - Describes programs for students, educators, and professionals, with information on consulting services and publications. U.S.- Norway Fulbright Foundation - Lists current grants, describes current programs, and provides information on "roving scholars", available to give seminars in Norwegian schools. The German-American Fulbright Commission - Magazine featuring photography and articles from grantees, guest lecture program, alumni network, and resources for applicants. In English and German. The Jordanian - American Commission for Educational Exchange (JACEE) - Describes programs and criteria, with newsletter and profiles of alumni. Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) - Administers the Fulbright Scholar Program for university-college faculty and for professionals. Describes specific programs, with country and application information. Institute of International Education (IIE) - Administers the Fulbright Program and provides training and leadership development. Provides information for students, scholars, educators and professionals, with organization history and publications. German Fulbright Alumni Association - Calendar of upcoming events, reports from past activities, and membership information. United States-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF) - Describes available programs in Israel and the US, with applications, study materials, and information on donating funding for scholarships. Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange - Organization chart and annual report, applications for programs, and exchange program resources, with description of French higher education system. [English/French] Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Nepal - Describes Fulbright, East West, and Hubert Humphrey grant programs, with newsletter and alumni association information. The Italian Fulbright Commission - Program description and information on grants available to US citizens. [English/Italian] Fulbright Iceland - Description of available awards, language resources and testing, and news and events. [English/Icelandic] Austrian-American Educational Commission - Gives history of the Fulbright program in Austria, with application, and information on current participants and on funding partners. [English/German] Fulbright Center - For Finnish-American academic exchanges. Describes grant programs and opportunities for study in the US and Canada, with newsletter and alumni information. [English/Finnish] Fulbright New Zealand - Provides education advice and administers research and study awards. Describes US and NZ university systems, and includes reports from past recipients. The Turkish Fulbright Commission - Information on programs for scholars, professionals, university students, and teachers, as well as academic advising and testing links. English, with some information in Turkish. Thailand - United States Educational Foundation - Newsletter, application requirements and dates, and information on current grantees. Fulbright Commission - Argentina - Lists currently open grants, with information on past recipients and on hosting an academic or professional lecturer. [English/Spanish] Australian - American Fulbright Commission - Presents study opportunities in both countries, as well as information on symposia and alumni and list of sponsors. The Commission for Educational Exchange between the USA, Belgium and Luxembourg - General information on programs and application deadlines, with testing requirements. The US-UK Fulbright Commission - Describes programs and advising opportunities, with calendar of events and application deadlines.
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