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Shameless Magazine - Canadian progressive publication for teenage girls. How to subscribe, mailing list, advertising rates, submission guidelines, press, message board, editor's weblog, photos, and links. - A central gathering place and information center for individualist feminists, focusing on ifeminism, a new approach to feminism that emphasizes freedom and the individual. Feminism/Feminist Theory - Bibliographies, links, and information for feminist theory in the US and around the world. Profiles of prominent feminists. The Amazon Connection - Discusses the image of the female hero in fiction and in fact, as it is expressed in art and literature, in the physiques and feats of female athletes, and in sexual values and practices. Vandergrift's Feminist Page - Analysis of feminism, and feminist literary criticism. Offshoots of Liberalism - Feminism - A Marxist analysis of feminism as an offshoot of Liberalism. soc.feminism Terminologies - Definitions and descriptions of various feminist movements archived from Usenet. Feminist Studies Home Page - Encourage analytic responses to feminist issues and meant to open new areas of research, criticism, and speculation. - Movement that views the oppression of women and nature as interconnected. Introduction, news, online journal, bibliography, and links. Feminist Net - Goals, contact information, and links. Jo Freeman: Feminist Scholar and Author - Archive of articles, personal profile, protest photos, links, contact information, and images of and history behind political buttons. Said It - Magazine with media analysis, international news, essays, activist alerts, forum, how to subscribe, back issues, letters, calendar, and links. Feminist Majority Foundation: Global Feminism - Includes newswire and online actions. Feminist Economics - A printed journal meant as an open forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic perspectives. Media Girl - An online community weblog by and for women (and men, too) to discuss, rant, weblog, analyze, and/or laugh about media, politics and culture, all within the general context of progressive politics and feminism. Feminism Online - Promoting the continued development and protection of women's rights. Feministing - Young women are rarely given the opportunity to speak on their own behalf on issues that affect their lives and futures. This provides a platform for them to comment, analyze and influence. Trivia - Voices of Feminism - Online journal that publishes feminist writing in the form of literary essays, experimental prose, poetry, translations, and reviews. Off Our Backs - Provides news and information about women's lives, feminist activism, ideas, and theory, the status of women around the world, and women and lesbian culture. Features archived articles. Andrea Dworkin Web Site - The official site for the noted radical feminist. Includes an extensive online library of her writings. Mookychick - UK-based feminist website and community for alternative young women. Focuses on alternative lifestyle with a feminist perspective. The F-Bomb - Feminist blog promoting and discussing women's rights for teenage girls. The Everyday Sexism Project - Catalogs instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis. The Representation Project - Project originating with the 2011 movie Miss Representation aiming to injustices created by gender stereotypes. Information on project, resources, blog. Feminist Jurisprudence - An overview, text of key documents, and links to related references from the Legal Information Institute.
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