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This category presents comprehensive and all inclusive websites about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people. The aim of this category is provide a balanced and fair view of the Israel-Palestine conflict. To achieve this, all points of view are represented, from the extreme on both sides, to more moderate and objective discussions and resources.
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Research Guide to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict - A listing of Web sites and documents relating to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from a Palestinian viewpoint. UN Security Council: Israel, Palestine and the Occupied Territories - Introduces key issues in the conflict, with a special focus on UN involvement and peacekeeping concerns. Essays and Commentary on Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues - An online journal for scholarly presentation, commentary and review relating to contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Includes links to research resources. Israel Science and Technology Center: Arab-Israeli Conflict - Resources about the conflict and its background, from a pro-Israeli perspective. Palestine: Information with Provenance (PIWP) - Database of documents from all points on the ideological spectrum along with background on the authors and organizations. Organized by topic and includes articles, books, journals, video, maps, quotations and history timeline about Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as their conflict. The Guardian - The Palestine Papers - Full coverage of the leak of 1,600 confidential Palestinian records of negotiations with Israel from 1999 to 2010. Includes interactive guide, timeline, profiles, video and searchable database of the papers. - Israel/Palestinians - Aggregated polling results, shown over time, by major polling organizations. Al Jazeera - The Palestine Papers - Full coverage of the leak of 1,600 internal documents from the Israel-Palestine negotiations from 1999-2010. Include key documents, FAQ, timeline, glossary and analysis.
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