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Issues related to civil asset forfeiture and its problems.
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American Forfeiture Law: Property Owners Meet the Prosecutor - A Policy Analysis from the Cato Institute that discusses the history of forfeiture and how it has enhanced the power of government over people and their property in ways that are difficult to reconcile with long-cherished constitutional rights. Steven L. Kessler - Online articles, from an attorney and author with expertise in RICO and forfeiture. Liberty, Attainder, Bills of Attainder & the Constitution - Includes information relating the prohibition of Bills of Attainder to asset forfeiture. American RadioWorks : Corrections Inc. - The war on drugs took off when police agencies got a new incentive to chase drug offenders: the ability to keep cash and vehicles seized in drug operations. Critics say asset forfeiture skews police priorities by giving them a monetary stake in the war on drugs. Read, Listen (Real Audio, 19:30 min) Introduction to "Your House is Under Arrest" - Excerpt from book about how police can seize you home, car and business without a trial and how to protect yourself, by Brenda Grantland. Reforming Property Forfeiture Laws to Protect Citizens' Rights - A study of asset forfeiture by the Macinac Center, which concludes nine specific reforms are necessary to reduce the unfairness and abuses of the present system. Justice Management Division: Asset Forfeiture Program - The primary asset forfeiture pages of the US Department of Justice.
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