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PanEco - A Swiss foundation that supports projects on biodiversity and sustainability in Indonesia. It also works on social projects and intercultural acceptance. Max Havelaar Foundation - Working for sustainable production, trade and consumption by supporting Fairtrade and offering access to international trade for Third World farmers and workers. [Dutch, English] Non-Ferrous Metals Consultative Forum on Sustainable Development - Information about the contribution non-ferrous metals make to sustainable development and the activities of the members of the three international metal study groups. Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development - An organisation to improve economic conditions, health, and food security among the world's poorest people. Sustainable Development Department, IDB - Provides multilateral financial assistance for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Sustainable Department provides technical advice to Bank project teams, and creates and disseminates knowledge on sustainable development issues. Volunteers Alliance for Saving the Nature - ARuPA, an Indonesian NGO, fights to revise inappropriate national forestry, resource management paradigms and policies. SHARE Foundation - Building a New El Salvador Today - A non-profit institution supporting the empowerment of impoverished and marginalized Salvadoran communities for long-term and sustainable solutions to poverty, underdevelopment and social injustice World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Provides information services on conservation and sustainable use of the world's living resources, and helps others to develop information systems of their own. Centre For Alternative Technology - Educational charity striving to achieve the best cooperation between the natural, technological and human worlds. Provides an avenue to test, live with, display strategies and tools for this purpose. Global Vision International (GVI) - A non-political, non-religious organisation, which specialises in providing overseas expeditions. Schumacher UK - Promotes human scale and sustainable systems for social, economic and environmental development. International Institute for Sustainable Development - Canadian think tank promoting SD in decision-making internationally. "We contribute new knowledge and concepts, analyze policies, identify and disseminate information about best practices, demonstrate how to measure progress, and build partnerships to amplify these messages." Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development - A not-for-profit environmental policy research and education organization dealing with sustainable energy, climate change, environmental governance, ecological fiscal reform, sustainability indicators, and the environmental impacts of the energy industry. - An organization of citizens committed to a vision of the future that places the conservation of our natural resources at the center of a vibrant economy. San Francisco Beautiful - Creates, enhances and protects the city's unique beauty and liveability. It provides grants and beautification awards and participates in the urban planning process. Center for Neighborhood Technology - Promotes public policies, new resources and accountable authority that support sustainable, just and vital urban communities. Sustainable Seattle - Protects and improves the long-term health and vitality for Seattle and the world by applying sustainability to the links between economic prosperity, environmental vitality and social equity. ACCION - International non-profit microlending organization that fights poverty by providing microcredit and supporting economic and sustainable development. European Union for Coastal Conservation - Dedicated to the integrity and natural diversity of the coastal heritage and to ecologically sustainable development. Rocky Mountain Institute - An entrepreneurial, non-profit organisation that fosters the efficient and restorative use of resources to create a more secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining world. Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) - Working to strengthen communities by encouraging the efficient use of local resources. Sustainable Conservation - Organization engages businesses and private landowners in advancing the stewardship of our land and water in partnership with the environmental community. Center for Development Research - An international and interdisciplinary research institution dealing with political, cultural, economic, technical and ecological questions in view of a worldwide, sustainable, and just development. LandPaths - Land Partners through Stewardship - LandPaths forms partnerships between landowners and experts in land management and restoration then assists them in defining and implementing practices which maximize resource conservation, while allowing managed public access. Smart Growth America - Nationwide coalition promoting a better way to grow; one that protects farmland and open space, revitalizes neighborhoods, keeps housing affordable, and makes communities more livable. Development Alternatives - Bringing together traditional knowledge and modern science for sustainable development at community, national and global level. Thoreau Center for Sustainability - The Center is comprised of various non-profit organizations working on sustainable development issues. GENI - Global Energy Network Institute - By tapping the planet's abundant renewable energy, the needs of all humanity could be met in an environmentally sustainable fashion. The technology exists today, and it is cost competitive. Groundwork Institute - Non-profit organization working world wide in creating low cost, environmentally sound communities based on the participation of the people who live in them. Participatory Avenues - Promotes the diffusion of Participatory 3D Modeling (P3DM) as best practice in providing communities added stake in tailoring and owning integrated conservation and development initiatives. Consortium for Sustainable Village-Based Development - Consortium of NGOs and individuals that help connect rural villages to global resources for self-reliant, sustainable village-based development. Falls Brook Centre - A sustainable community development and training centre working to demonstrate and communicate those aspects of human endeavors that must combine to make the abstract concept of sustainable development into the living reality of sustainable communities. Centre for Development and Environment - A division of the Institute of Geography of the University of Berne and is involved in worldwide networks with institutions and specialists. Development Organisation for Rural Sichuan - A British NGO working in Sichuan, China implementing village-based poverty alleviation projects promoting community education, women's rural credit schemes, water and electricity supply. Ecotrust - Aims to build Salmon Nation, a place where people and wild salmon thrive in the coastal temperate rain forests of North America. Project People Foundation - Non-profit group promoting economic empowerment of women and youth in South Africa and U.S. through the production and marketing of hand-crafted black dolls, stuffed animals, AIDS pins, and beaded yarmulkes. The Piedmont Environmental Council - Promotes and protects the Virginia Piedmont's rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty. Maine Tree Foundation - Founded in 1989 to provide Maine people with good, accurate information about the forest resource. UVic Sustainability Project - This project seeks to make UVic a sustainable campus. It addresses all aspects of sustainability pertaining to the university including things like waste and energy reduction and green transportation. They also touch on issues such as investment practices, curriculum, and gender equality, Mountain Forum - A global network for mountain communities, environments and sustainable development. Also includes a searchable library of documents on mountain themes and issues. Colne Valley Regional Park - The Colne Valley Regional Park provides the first area of countryside to the west of London. This webpage contains sites of national and international importance for wildlife. Communities Committee of the Seventh American Forest Congress - The Communities Committee works to improve both forest health, community well-being and promotes a collaborative framework towards forest policy to encourage stewardship, sustainability and community forestry. The Delta Institute - A nonprofit organization that works on the policy and practice of sustainable development and environmental stewardship in the Great Lakes region. Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Management - Promotes sustainable development and sustainability management in all types of organisation through education, research and consultancy. Pedals for Progress - Promotes a non-profit agency that collects thousands of used bicycles from the public through partnerships with local community service organizations, and donates them overseas for reconditioning and distribution for affordable transport. The Mountain Institute - Promotes the preservation of mountain environments, advancing mountain cultures This NGO works in the Appalachian, Andean and Himalayan Mountains and designs programmes to strengthen mountain communities, to conserve their natural resources and cultural heritage while improving their livelihoods. DISC: Development Information Solutions for Communities - Integrates ICT into organisations undertaking community development in Southern Africa providing data management within the development and research sector. International Center for Sustainable Development - ICSD is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote sustainable development such as renewable energy around the world. Center for Sustainable Systems - Institute at the University of Michigan promoting sustainable development through education. Includes research on buildings, agriculture, transportation, renewable energy, and packaging, as well as methodologies, projects, publications, statistics, and educational resources. Sustainable Business Network - Daily news headlines about social and environmental events, links to educational, government, tools and resources, and discussions on environmental topics. Ecovillage Network - Links together a highly diverse worldwide movement of autonomous ecovillages (environmentally and socially sustainable settlements) and related projects. Journey to Forever - Account of an expedition by a small, mobile non-government organization involved in environment and rural development work; started in Hong Kong and travelling to Cape Town, South Africa. Includes information on projects, and educational activities. Resource Renewal Institute - Developing innovative solutions for long-term conservation and a sustainable future through various projects. LOHAS - An acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. Offers information about companies that provide goods and services using economic and environmentally sustainable business practices. Sustainable Business Associates - International non-governmental organization working to engage industrialists in eco-efficiency to minimize environmental impact and improve business productivity. News, case studies, training, projects, and contacts. Forum for the Future - UK sustainable development organisation which works in partnership with business, higher education, central, regional and local government to accelerate a sustainable way of life, using a solutions based approach. Tällberg - Works to encourage global leaders to develop in a sustainable manner. Lists their initiatives, the annual forum, articles, and upcoming events. Sustainable Building Topics - Info, resources and articles for developers, architects, and home buyers to promote sustainable development. EcoViva - Foundation that helps poor communities in El Salvador achieve environmentally friendly economic self-sufficiency, community development, and sustainable peace. Stockholm Environment Institute - An independent, international research, consulting and training organisation working to promote global sustainable development. Cornell University - David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF) - ACSF advances multidisciplinary research in energy, the environment and economic development and cultivates innovative collaborations within and beyond Cornell to foster a sustainable future for all. Terra Cypria - Aims to promote environmental awareness within Cypriot society through educational and sensitisation programs and to work towards the sustainable development of Cyprus, protecting the island's natural resources and heritage.
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