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This category is for sites concerning the issues of organic food.

Organic Food is the category of Food/Drink which is grown, processed, and/or managed by "organic standards."

"Organic" means no exposure to many harmful herbicides and pesticides, and is also a way of farming (agriculture).

That involves the "health" of the soil and ecosystem in which crops and livestock are raised. Organic practices recognize that a healthy, vibrant, and live soil and ecosystem significantly benefits crops. Natural, undisturbed soil is alive with microbiotic organisms which exist in harmony between the native plant life and the inorganic minerals that provide the soil's substrate. When herbicides, pesticides, and fast acting inorganic fertilizers are used, the microbiotic activity is destroyed, and soil becomes merely an anchor for plant material, which requires constant input to continue.

From (MOFGA) Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners page MOFGA

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