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Society: Issues: Education is intended for websites dealing with public issues related to education: access to education, financing of education, government control of schools, legislation, policy, news, etc. Sites specifically intended for students or teachers, or with a classroom focus, should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Reference: Education. Subcategories of Society:Issues:Education and cross-linked categories include Bilingual Education, Education Reform, Home Schooling, Literacy, School Choice (vouchers, etc.), Sex Education, and Church-State Relations:Public Schools. (As of 6 April 1999.)
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Education Week - Weekly news on American education issues. Searchable archives. - Weblog of the freelance writer and former San Jose Mercury News columnist. Most entries are about education issues, both college and precollege. Independent Voices for Better Education - Dedicated to improving education and educational accountability. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education - Provides action-oriented analyses of state and federal policies affecting education beyond high school. Moral Issues in Education - Research articles and other essays regarding character education in the United States and Japan, by Taku Ikemoto National Center on Education and the Economy - Policies, tools, technical assistance and professional development that people everywhere can use to design and implement effective standards-based education and training systems. Equity Center - Committed to helping public school personnel embrace the key concepts of equity and eliminate bias and discrimination in the context of their day-to-day activities. Almanac of Policy Issues: Education - Latest news, background information and links on U.S. elementary, secondary, and higher education issues. From Inkwells to an Electronic Learning Community - Commentary on technological wonders as they impact education. NPR/Kaiser/Kennedy School Education Survey - Public approves of higher taxes for schools, but wants fairness in funding; support weak for vouchers and unclear for charter schools. Read or take the poll. The Kid-Safe Network - A nation-wide educational program to teach children and parents about the dangers of child molesters. Learn special methods to avoid these dangers. International Correspondents in Education (ICE) - ICE is a world-wide network of freelance journalists and copy-writers who specialise in education issues. Media Visions - Articles and essays by journalist Ken Freed, covering issues related to literacy and educational technology. The Right to Education Project - A resource on the status of the right to education as outlined by the United Nations, supporting the work of the UN Special Rapporteur on education. Includes links to allied organizations. - Sleep Is One Thing Missing in Busy Teenage Lives - Many teenagers live in a state of chronic sleep deficit that can affect mood, behavior, schoolwork and reaction time. [Requires free registration to view.] The Condition of Education (USA) - An integrated collection of the indicators and analyses published in The Condition of Education 2000, 2001 and 2002. - Educational Policy Issues - Essays about teaching and the politics of running schools. Christian Science Monitor - Learning - News feed of the newspaper's weekly coverage of education topics. NPR Talk of the Nation : Intellectuals on Campus - Join host Neal Conan for a discussion about intellectualism on campus. [32:31 streaming audio broadcast] NPR : Hearing Voices: High School's 'Quiet Kids' - Producer Hilary Frank of the Hearing Voices radio project presents the voices of some quiet kids, teenagers, who feel isolated from the cultural life of their high schools. The story originally aired on member station WBEZ's Chicago Matters. [4:07 streaming audio broadcast] - Before you cheer, sign here - Article on public school extracurricular activity liability waivers. Global Campaign for Education - Promotes education as a basic human right, and mobilizes public pressure on governments and the international community to provide free, compulsory public basic education for all people. Includes news, resources, and action plans. Organizational Development in Education - Optimizing schools, colleges, and universities through proven techniques such as cultural change, strategic measurement, process consulting, and other methods. Educational Pathways to Power - An address by Hilary Lips - recipient of the New Zealand Federation of University Women's Distinguished American Scholar Award - and distributed by Radford University's Center for Gender Studies. - USA Education - News coverage of education (K-12, college, and adult ed.). American Institutes for Research: InformED Blog - Commentary about a wide range of issues in American education.
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