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This category is for suppliers of loose gemstones, pearls, and gemstone rough used to fabricate finished jewelry. Vendors listed here sell individual stones, or in small lots, online to the general public.
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EuroGem - German supplier offering loose certified diamonds and colored gemstones. Bilingual English and German website. Prices in Euros. W Scott Forrest Gemstones - Loose diamonds and colored gemstones direct from the cutter. Benitoite specialist. Buena Vista Gem Works - Cutter and retailer of Colorado-sourced gemstones: Mt. Antero aquamarine, peridot, rhodocrosite, and topaz. Collector and rare gems section. Some jewelry. Pioneer Gem Corporation - Featuring loose, unset gemstones with mounting services available. Facet Shoppe - Rough and cut gems, gemstone optics, faceting information for beginners, computer faceting programs, Faceter's Digest. Gemcolor - Supplies gems for private purchase and jewelry designers. Diamonds, ruby, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite. Steve Walters - Contemporary gemstone carvings for jewelry designers. MystiCrystals - Faceted gemstone jewelry, gem 'trees', and custom faceting. Flecklin Trading - Wide inventory of gemstones, natural lab-created and rough, Australian opals, tahitian pearls. Related gem information. Modern Stone Age - Hand cut faceted, cabochon and designer gemstones. Gem Country USA - Offers a wide variety of cut gemstones both faceted and cabochons. Glyptic Illusions - Gemstone carvings for fine jewelry. Darbellay Company - Extensive inventory faceted and cabochon fine gemstones, collector's minerals, designer's fancy shapes. loose stones,sets, and small lots. Allied Rough & Cut Gems - Australia based supplier of facet rough and loose faceted gemstones. Origin of gemstones is mainly Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand and Burma. Gems of East Africa - Gemstones from East Africa, Arusha, and Tanzaniza. Rough and faceted stones. Wholesale pricing said to be available. The Natural Sapphire Company - Specialist in untreated faceted loose sapphires and jewelry made with untreated gems. All That Glitters - Features a wide range of gemstones, crystals, and some jewelry. D and J Rare Gems Ltd - Fine gemstones loose and in small lots. Rare faceted gems for collectors, gem show schedule. Gemhunters - Mine-owners and cutters of Australian gemstones. Supplies sapphires, zircons, worldwide as faceted gems or as unfinished rough. - Faceted colored gemstones and jewelry. Informative collection of unusual gemstone inclusions and anomalies. Star Shine Ltd. - Bangkok-based manufacturer of faceted loose colored gemstones. Specialist in unusual chatoyant gems such as star sapphire, star ruby, star alexandrite, star chrysoberyl and others. AZ Emerald - Colombian emerald specialist based in Arizona. Extensive information about Colombian emeralds, best color, natural versus treated stones. GemsBiz - Indian supplier of faceted loose gemstones both natural and lab-created, gemstone beads, and cubic zirconium. Extensive selection of fancy cut gemstones. Beaut Gems - Australian supplier of faceted colored loose gemstones, each with certificate. Useful information in each gemstone category. ZBV Enterprises - Designer shapes loose cabochons, slabs, and rough from uncommon materials. Saint Hart Gallery - Offers unique gemstones, gemstone carvings, and objet d'art. Day Gems - Bangkok-based cutter and fabricator specializing in natural, untreated Mogok rubies, Ceylon sapphires, and jadeite. The Star Ruby Shop - Natural loose star rubies, faceted and cabochon rubies and some jewellery. Astrological Gem - "Jyotish" gemstones - loose untreated natural faceted and cabochon gemstones for Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda uses. Notable information about Vedic usage, links to sourcing and mining articles. Champon Pearls - Tahitian pearl farmer supplying individual pearls, sets, and small lots. Photographs of farming operation. Prices in Euros. Astro Gallery of Gems - Uncommonly fine specimen collections of minerals, rocks, crystals and unusual gemstone formations. Geolite - Natural and synthetic gemstones including aquamarines, morganite, rhodolite garnets, amethysts, citrines, blue topaz, tourmalines, apatite, and cats eyes. Carat-Online - Austrian supplier of faceted diamonds and colored gemstones. Prices in Euros. AJS Gems - Importer and exporter of rough and polished gemstones for the gem industry, gem cutters, jewelers, lapidaries and collectors. - Specializes in native and natural gemstones and crystals for gem carvings principally from Myanmar. Also presents cabochons, faceted pieces and finished jewels. Gem Sphalerite - The site describes the gem sphalerite from Spain, its history, geology, mineralogy, properties, cut process. Faceted gem sphalerites and other rare gemstones are offered to collectors. Gemstone And Mineral Store, Timo Klopp - German supplier for loose faceted, cabochon cut and unusual collector gemstones.
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