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This category is for information about gemstones and their properties. Gemstones are generally regarded as: Polished fragments of 'precious' and 'semi-precious' minerals, used for decorative purposes. Examples of Precious Stones: Diamonds / Sapphires / Rubies / Emeralds Examples of Semi-Precious Stones: Topaz / Garnet / Spinels. Examples of Other stones used as gems: Jade / Agate / Opal
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Bluechart - A gem identification chart. Gemstone Forecaster Newsletters - Analyzes Burma ruby and sapphire gems and collector gemstone markets. NOVA - Gemstone primer with photos and vital information regarding gemstones. University of Texas Gem Class - Gem and Mineral class at the University of Texas, Austin. The Image - Mineral and gemstone galleries. Physical properties and historical facts for minerals and gemstones. Secrets of the Gem Trade - A new gem book by R. W. Wise. GeoNord - Gem and mineral site from Sweden. Gemology Tools - Software for the professional gemologist or gemology student/enthusiast. National Gemstone - Introduction to collecting and investing in gemstones and colored diamonds, with descriptions of the types most widely traded. Florida Gold Coast & Mineral Society - Gold and Mineral Society in Florida. The Amber Ranch - Dominican rough blue amber for jewellers and collectors. The Gemhunter - A guide to finding gemstones and gold using geological principles. Many such discoveries have been made by Dan Hausel of Arizona, who set up this site. Gems and Gem Materials - An on-line gem and jewelry course at UC Berkeley. Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection - Pictures and short descriptions of gems and minerals on display at the Smithsonian. Gemstones and Collector Stones - A collection of images and other information about gemstones, collector stones and the minerals with which they are associated.
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