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Electronic Text Center: Liberian Letters - A collection of letters written by African-American settlers in 19th century Liberia. Language Lessons for Visitors - Anguilla Local News Index - Six brief "lessons" in the form of word definitions. Montserrat Creole - an Irish brogue? - An analysis of the alleged Irish influence on Montserrat Creole. The Corpus of Written British Creole: A User's Guide - A description of written Caribbean English creoles. Yinglish - Brief encyclopedia article on Yiddish-English pidgin. Dunglish - Encyclopedia article on Danish-English pidgin. Finglish - Brief encyclopedia article on Finnish-English pidgin. Frainglais - Encyclopedia article on French-English pidgin. Globish - Encyclopedia article on globalized English. Konglish - Encyclopedia article on Korean-English pidgin. Pseudo-Anglicism - Encyclopedia article on non-standard word borrowing in English. Swenglish - Encyclopedia article on Swedish-English pidgin. Tinglish - Encyclopedia article on Thai-English pidgin. Runglish - A detailed description of Russian English pidgin. Runglish - Encyclopedia article on Russian-English pidgin. Namlish - Brief encyclopedia article about English as spoken in Namibia. english or English? Attitudes, Local Varieties and English Language Teaching - Article discussing the issues surrounding the phenomenon of local varieties of English, the developments which take place where forms of the ex-colonial language have evolved and developed in their own right independently of their metropolitan sources. Leeward Caribbean Creole English: A Language of Antigua and Barbuda - Summary of the linguistic situation of Leeward Caribbean Creole English.
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