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Institutions govern economic processes. Examples of economic institutions are norms, laws and markets.
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Social Capital Gateway - Resources on the economics of social capital. Reading lists, paper reviews, news and events. Autobiography of Robert William Fogel - Major contributor to Economic History (Cliometrics) and Institutional Economics. Winner of the Nobel Prize in economics 1993 (with Douglass C. North). Autobiography of Ronald Coase - Major contributor to Institutional Economics by his work on theory of property rights. Winner of Nobel Prize in economics 1991. International Society for New Institutional Economics - Profile, resources and membership. The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics - JITE - The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics JITE provides a forum for research results. Ronald Coase Institute - US research institute specialized in new institutional economics. Working papers, information about Coase, multi-lingual glossary, reading list. Autobiography of Douglass C. North - Major contributor to Institutional Economics and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics 1993 (with Robert Fogel). Autobiography of Herbert A. Simon - Winner Nobel Prize in economics 1978 mainly for research on decision making in organizations. Buchanan, James M. Jr. - Nobel lecture and curriculum vitae. Conall Boyle on lotteries - Papers and other materials on the social use of lotteries in non-market distribution, by a researcher at the University of Swansea. Institutional Economics Blog - Papers, comments, links and article archive by Stephen Kirchner. Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods - Bonn, Germany. Works on integrating law, political science and economics. List of scholars, publications, research and teaching programs.
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