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Commercial websites of dealers in mineral specimens. For dealers offering a wider range of rocks and minerals, see Science:Earth Sciences:Geology:Rocks and Minerals:Shop.
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Schoolers - Mineral, fossil, and meteorite dealers supplying specimens to museums and collectors. Geologic Desires - Mineral specimens from North America and worldwide locations for all levels of collectors. Andy Seibel - Sells worldwide mineral specimens to collectors. Stock list with pricing and images included. Geosol Imports - Direct importers of Amethyst Cathedral geodes from Brazil. All shapes and sizes are available. The Sunnywood Collection - Museum quality minerals and fossils mounted on exotic hardwood bases. Penn Minerals - Rocks, minerals and fossils from the State of Pennsylvania and around the world. Also information on collecting sites. Once-A-Rock Inc. - Newfoundland site for rocks, minerals, fossils, and lapidary material. Cooloola Rocks & Minerals - Suppliers of Australian and world wide rocks, minerals and other specimens, from tiny to museum size. Gem and Mineral Exploration Company - General rockhound information site with rocks and minerals for sale. Geodeland - Sales of geodes, fossils, and minerals from the Elmwood Mine, and other U.S. localities. The Arkenstone Fine Minerals - Worldwide Mineral Specimens specializing in rarities, new finds, and old classics. Attard Minerals - Mineral specimens of beauty for sale to collectors, earth science educators and museums worldwide The Geode Gallery - Supplier of gem quality Keokuk geodes, both common and rare varieties. John Betts - Aesthetic crystals and mineral gallery with online pricing and ordering services. - Mineral specimens and earth jewelry for your home, office and spirit. Unconventional Lapidarist - Jewelry, gemstones, freeform cabochons (cabs), spheres, mineral specimens, and lapidary (cabbing / faceting ) rough. Dakota Matrix Minerals - Rare mineral specimens for the collector. Treasure Mountain Mining - Specializes in crystals from their own mines. Pikes Peak Rock - Wholesale minerals, crystals, fossils, jewelry, gemstones. Fabre Minerals - Features catalog of minerals for sale with pictures, prices, and testimonials. Adam's Minerals - Bulk minerals for purchase. Features catalog and prices. Selectchoice Minerals - Minerals from the Elmwood Mine. Collector pieces of every size and price range. Cornwall & Devon Minerals - Offering for sale old and contemporary minerals from the United Kingdom. Trinity Mineral Company - Mineral specimens for sale and at auction. Wilensky Minerals - Minerals for advanced collectors with video catalogs. Rockgems - Wholesaler of Amethyst and Citrine cathedrals, druse, tables and gem rough from Brazil and Uruguay. Great Basin Minerals - Nevada minerals and hand-picked specimens from the U.S. and world localities. Terlingua Calcite and Cinnabar Company - Selling Terlingua Calcite. New Find Minerals - Mineral Specimens personally collected from around the world from old mines. ChroLithix - Mineral specimens, meteorites, fossils and fine jewelry for sale. Gemron - Mineral specimens, crystals and natural rough, sourced mainly in Namibia and Southern Africa. Both the advanced collector and beginner are catered for. Khyber Minerals - Offering rare mineral specimens in all price ranges, for collectors of all levels. California Crystal Connection - Dealing exclusively in exotic gems and minerals of California, USA. The Crystal Mine - Mineral, crystal, and gemstone specimens for the collector. Gobin Minerals - Worldwide mineral specimens including new finds direct from the source and old classics from collections. California Gold Rush Miner - Large selection of gold nuggets and articles about gold, gold prospecting and the California gold rush. Also provides the spot gold price. Mike and Dianas Minerals - A large selection of minerals for the collector at down to earth prices. Mineral: Tivadar - Agates from Hungary, opals and a range of minerals. - Offers a range of minerals that have been found in Långban, Harstigen, the Jakobsberg in Sweden, USA and the German Schwarzwald. Hummingbird - Specialist in cabinet size mineral specimens from around the world. MineralMovies - Rare and fine mineral specimens for collectors. Features short movies of crystals. Direct importer of crystals from Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil and elsewhere. Desert Winds: Gems & Minerals - Wide selection of collectible specimens from around the world. NM Stone Supply - Offers to supply alabaster direct from the stone quarry to sculptors, lathe turners, education establishments, art schools and sculpture supply businesses across the United States. Edwards Minerals - Specialists in fine European and US classic mineral specimens, worldwide aesthetic minerals and gem crystals. Rockology - Offers gems and minerals for collectors, hand selected on site in South America and other far flung locations. UC - Offers mineral specimens for collectors, specializing in calcites and fluorites. Minbulfos - Provides minerals from Bulgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan. Spanish Minerals - Juan F. Buelga, dealer in fine mineral specimens. Specialist in fine minerals from Spain. Collectors Edge - Offers fine mineral specimens to private collectors, museums and dealers around the globe. Surrey Minerals - UK firm supplying collectors with quality mineral specimens from worldwide locations at realistic prices. Bryan Davis Minerals - A display of Bryan's New Jersey mineral collection, minerals for sale, and general mineral collecting information. Moroccan Fossils & Minerals - Group of young Moroccans selling fossils, minerals, Selenite and fossilized marble through a network in Europe and the USA. Minerais do Brasil ltda. - Wholesaler and supplier of amethyst, citrine, agate and crystals. Exports worldwide. IndoGemstone - Wholesale supplier of Indonesian handicraft and natural stone products including items made from petrified wood. Weinrich Minerals - Dealer in fine mineral specimens. Dan and Diana Weinrich. Tysons' Fine Minerals - Selling mineral specimens both retail and wholesale listings, covering Canadian and international minerals, stone bead jewellery and polished eggs and spheres. Rod and Helen Tyson.
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