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Sites related to scientific study of tornadoes and their cousins, waterspouts.
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The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation - Independent and privately supported research body in the United Kingdom focusing on tornadoes and severe local storms. Tornado Squad - Features tornado videos, links for tornadoes, kids corner, and storm talk Tornado Project Online! - A company that researches, compiles and makes tornado information available to tornado and severe weather enthusiasts, the public, the meteorological community and emergency management officials in the form of tornado videos, tornado books, and tornado posters. Storm Chase News and Archives - A chronologically organized list of links to reports on and photos of individual tornado and other severe weather events. The Disaster Center Tornado and Severe Weather - Tornadoes, weather watchers, fact sheet statistics for every state, and links to the Disaster Center states pages. Tornado Alley - Twisters, tornadoes and Storm photos with educational information. The Online Tornado FAQ - Roger Edwards of the Storm Prediction Center presents basic Frequently Asked Questions and the answers about tornadoes. Tornado General Information - General Information on tornadoes, which includes safety tips and terminology page. Tahoe Twisters - Rare photographic collection of waterspouts and home page for GARYK and his unique scenic photography. Bangladesh and East India Tornado Prediction Page - A climatology of tornadoes for east India and Bangladesh, and the daily prediction of tornadoes are provided. Surface and upper air charts for historical tornado cases for Bangladesh and India are presented. Nature's Most Violent Storms - Information about tornadoes from the National Weather Service. - Understanding waterspouts - A few articles summarizing waterspout formation, location, and safety. Wikipedia: List of Tornadoes and Tornado Outbreaks - Compilation of articles in the encyclopedia about tornadoes. Wikipedia: Lubbock Tornado - Encyclopedia article about the 1970 Texas tornado. Wikipedia: Red River Valley Tornado Outbreak - Encyclopedia article about the 1979 tornadoes that struck Wichita Falls, Texas and other towns in Texas and Oklahoma. Wikipedia: Super Outbreak - Encyclopedia article on the April, 1974 tornado outbreak which spawned the largest number of tornadoes ever recorded. Tornado History Project - Searchable database of all US tornadoes from 1950-2006. Includes statistics and maps for every tornado, including path information. Read eyewitness accounts or submit your own. How Stuff Works: Tornado - Illustrated basics about tornadoes and how they are rated. Turn! Turn! Turn! - Scientific America's in-depth look at tornadoes, including multimedia simulations on how they develop. A Waterspout off the Florida Keys - NOAA image of a rare, visible waterspout spotted in the Florida Keys, with explanatory text. Tropical Weather Server - Ohio State University - Providing timely and useful graphical and textual weather data to the general public. Fast-loading and generally reliable during weather emergencies. Includes useful links to central sources for Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic ocean tropical weather. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: May 11, 1970 Lubbock Tornado - Special edition of the newspaper with articles and photographs.
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