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Bilecik is a province in midwest Turkey, neighboring Bursa to the east, Kocaeli and Sakarya to the north, Bolu to the west, Eskisehir to the southeast and Kutahya to the south, spanning an area of 4,307 km². The region was inhabited as early as 3000 BC, and was part of the territory controlled by such notable civilizations as the Hittites (1400-1200 BC), the Phrygians (1200-676 BC), Lydians (595-546 BC), Persians (546-334 BC), Romans (74-395 AD) and Byzantians (395 AD to late 13th century, with two brief occupations by Ummayads in between). The region is also where the Ottoman Empire was founded in 1281, and is the source of important archeological as well as cultural artifacts.
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