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Rize is a province of Turkey and is located along the eastern part of the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Trabzon to the west, Bayburt to the south, Erzurum to the southeast, and Artvin to the east. Its capital is Rize. The province is largely rural and is known for its mountain valleys and elevated yaylas (meadows). Within the more remote areas, roads are scarce and electrically-powered cable cars are used to transport people and supplies into the mountains. From the early 2000s, Rize has seen an increase in visitors from outside the province, particularly those seeking eco-tourism opportunities. Many of these tourists come from Israel or elsewhere within Turkey. Increased tourism has raised concerns among locals that the traditional way of life and the unblemished character of the natural surroundings is under threat. The provincial governor, Enver Salihoglu (as of 2005) has stated his opposition to the expansion of the road network and has advocated a commercial focus on beekeeping, trout farming, and the growing of organic teas (Economist, Aug. 27, 2005).
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Rize Province Guide - A short and descriptive guide for Rize and environs.
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