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Anglo-Irish Agreement - Agreed by the British and Irish governments, with indirect input from Nationalists, this was unpopular with Unionists. The Joint Declaration on Peace - or Downing Street Declaration - in which the British and Irish Prime Ministers affirmed the importance of Civil Rights in Northern Ireland, and of the consent of the people of that territory to any settlement. The Framework Document, February 1995 - Agreed by the British and Irish governments, this formed a basis for the negotiations which led to the current peace process. Stratagem - Political lobbying organisation, providing government input to business and industry. Assembly information and members, service portfolio and list of clients. Northern Ireland Troubles - Cartoons on local politics, from News Art's political cartoon site. Reform Movement - Founded by Irish unionists in theRedmondite tradition. Argues that true reconciliation can be achieved only when Ireland accepts that it is closely linked to the United Kingdom socially, culturally and economically. The Mitchell Report - by the International Body on Arms Decommissioning. It spelled out the seven "Mitchell Principles" of decommissioning, and helped overcome reluctance to negotiate with representatives of armed paramilitary organisations. The Anglo-Irish Treaty - This agreement of 1921 between Michael Collins' Irish delegation and the British government of Lloyd George provided for the Irish Free State to be established, and for Northern Ireland to remain united with Great Britain. IRA Statement - It includes a commitment to begin a process that will "completely and verifiably put IRA arms beyond use", given a "full implementation, on a progressive and irreversible basis" of government commitments, and a resulting "political context... with the potential to remove the causes of conflict [a term used to refer to the British presence]". Northern Ireland Elections Site - Nicolas Whyte's guide to election results in Northern Ireland. There is also a useful summary of all election results in Northern Ireland since 1973. The Community Relations Council - An impressive set of resources, including detailed information on programmes they organise, an on line library of publications, a quarterly newsletter and information on funding available for community relations projects. FAQ - Section 5: Irish History - summarises answers to some questions that are asked a lot on the usenet newsgroup. Connolly - Walker Controversy - Information about an appeal in 1917 by James Connolly for socialist unity in Ireland. His appeal invoked a reply from William Walker, and a bitter controversy ensued. Centre for Cross Border Studies - A joint university research centre on North-South economic, political and cultural relations in the island of Ireland Guradian: Northern Irish politics - Series of articles from the Guardian newspaper on the Northern Ireland Assembly and elections.
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