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Sites and resources related to Viljandimaa, a county in the republic of Estonia. The county has nearly 57,000 inhabitants and the capital is Viljandi. To the south the county borders with Latvia. Viljandimaa is divided into 15 municipalities:
  • 3 urban municipalities (Estonian: linnad): Mõisaküla, Viljandi, Võhma.
  • 9 rural municipalities (Estonian: vallad): Abja, Halliste, Karksi, Kolga-Jaani, Kõo, Kõpu, Suure-Jaani, Tarvastu, Viljandi vald.
The former rural municipalities of Viiratsi, Pärsti, Paistu and Saarepeedi merged in 2013. The new municipality name is Viljandi vald. ref. and ref.
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