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Health and medical resources specific to Tallinn.
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The East Tallinn Central Hospital - Overview of clinics and services. Diagnostics, surgery, women's clinic, eye clinic, internal medicine and rehabilitation. [Estonian, English] Tiina Toometi Kliinik - Private veterinary clinic. Treats dogs, cats, birds and small rodents. [Estonian, English, Russian, German] Viru Hambakliinik - Dental clinic. Presentation of dentists working at the clinic. Lists services and prices. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian] Medemis - Body, hair and facial treatments. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian] KSA Eye Center - Provides laser eye correctional procedures and other ophthalmology services. Information for patients. Prices and contact. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish] Medicum - Offers general practitioners, gynecologists, nursing and rehabilitation therapy. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish] Sinu Arst Medical Center - Offers general medical services. Presentation of offered services, and doctors and nurses working for the center. [Estonian, English, Finnish] Kaarli hambapolikliinik - Dental clinic. Services, price list and contact information. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, Swedish] Meta Profit - Psychological diagnostics for individuals and organizations. [Estonian, English] Pilates - Offers private and group classes based on Joseph Pilates reformers. [Estonian, English, Russian] Dentist Ilkka Kaartinen - Offers cosmetic and holistic dental treatment. Pricelist. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish] Hedone - Exotic massage club. Description and prices of treatments. [Estonian, English, Russian] CityMed - Dental clinic. Description of treatments and prices. [Estonian, English, Finnish] Nova Vita Clinic - Located in Tallinn, Estonia. Private center for infertility treatment and laboratory medicine.
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