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Ferrets belong to the family Mustelidae and are related to polecats, weasels, skunks, and otters. Modern domestic ferrets have no natural habitat and cannot survive in the wild. They were bred centuries ago for pest control, and are still used today in some areas to hunt rabbits, rats, or other small animals. They are also increasingly popular as household pets and are known for their playfulness and curiosity.
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Ferrets and Other Beasts - Videos, pictures, wallpaper, ASCII art, and a webcam of ferrets and cats. In German and English. Quincy's Ferret Veterinarian Listing - A place to find or share ferret-friendly veterinarians in the US. Listed by state. Ferret Central - FAQ for ferrets, news, and links to other resources for information about care, handling, and medical topics. Everything Ferret - Current information on ferret ownership, nutrition, health issues, grooming, and housing. Plus a forum, toy and game ideas, shopping, and stories. Ferret Luv - Book list, nutrition, humor, toys and bedding, links, and New Hampshire resources. - Ferret newsletter covering issues related to the care of pet ferrets. Photographs, ferret names, articles by topic, glossary, links, and information on events. The King of Clowns: The Ferret - BellaOnline article providing general information, cautions, and care tips for ferrets. Ferret Universe - Scored quizzes on ferret knowledge and information on health and care as well as photos, message board, and chat room. Carpet SharksInk - Yahoo group for pet owners. Brat Babies Postcards - E-cards with pictures of ferrets, featuring Java graphics, music, and customizable messages. Site also includes other animal and miscellaneous cards. Barnaby A. Ferret Cartoon - Comics featured in Modern Ferret magazine. Cartoons, archives, photographs, e-cards, clip-art, and merchandise.
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