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The Pets category contains websites with information about the creatures that live with us as companion animals. The sites listed in Recreation/Pets are primarily informational in nature. The first sub-area of Pets consists of categories that are species specific. Listed within each species category are sites dealing with species-specific breed information, clubs, forums, general and personal interest pages. The second sub-area of Pets consists of categories, which address the relationship that pets in general have with us. Websites within this area are not species specific and usually address more than one species of pet.
Resources is a general pet interest subcategory. The third sub-area of Pets is for Chats and Forums that discuss pet concerns and species-specific Organizations devoted to pets. This category is for sites in English or with substantial English content. Some sites involving pets are not listed in Recreation/Pets but are listed in other areas of the directory: For example:
Shopping/Pets - Online stores and other sites focusing on online sales
Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Pet_Supplies - Manufacturers and distributors of products for pets
Regional/(country)/(locality) - Individual animal organizations, veterinary practices, boarding facilities, local businesses
Health/Animal/Pets - Sites dealing with diseases, conditions and treatments
Health/Animal/Veterinary_Medicine/Veterinarians - Individual veterinary practices within the appropriate locality Additional related categories include:
Society/Issues/Animal_Welfare/Pets Check the "See also:" listings for other areas of the Directory, which list sites addressing other aspects of pet concerns. Please also refer to: Where should I submit my website about animals? Or, where will I find the animal topic I am looking for?
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Pet of the Day - Features a new pet story and photo each day. Pet owners may also nominate their pet for consideration. The American Animal Awards - Nominate individuals, organizations, and the like for outstanding service to animals. Animals are eligible for nomination in categories such as most pampered pet. Bow Wow Meow - Dog and cat names, their popularity, meanings and ratings. Pawsperous Pets - Features a place for pet lovers to celebrate their love of animals through pet stories, humor, and articles. The Furry Critter Network - Features animal classifieds including ads for rescue organizations, animal adoptions, pet adoption and pets for sale. - Resources for new and soon-to-be pet owners including choosing the right pet, care and ownership costs, discussions, safety precautions, pet adjustment, housebreaking, feeding, grooming, travel, names, photographs, and stories. Pet Guardian Angels of America - General and health articles about pets, book recommendations, and links. Animals and Pets - Articles and links to information on various family pets and animals. Ruling Cats and Dogs - Humorous photos, stories, graphics and wallpapers; links to shelters, pet care tips. Breeders Club - Provides listings of breeders of dogs and cats. Also offers pet merchandise, vet advice, and tips. Love My Pets.Com - A pet lovers community with interactive features such as games, chat, electronic postcards, and online articles. iPawz - Blog with articles about pet care, behavior, animal humor and stories. The PetWork - Lost and found listings and a directory of pet businesses, animal shelters, vets, and animal organizations. VetZone - Offers general information on pet care, along with a vet locator, ask the vet area, pet of the week, and a newsletter. Pet Positives - Blog about the positive impact pets have on people's general health.
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