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Sites providing information about controlling damage in the home garden by animals, insects, or plant diseases.
Sites [ Submit ] - Information by RISE, an association of specialty pesticide and fertilizer producers. Articles, news, FAQs and links to other resources. Purdue University Extension - Provides identification of pests and problems associated with plants. Services extended to businesses and individuals throughout Indiana and the US. Vole Control - Sells a Bait Station System also provides useful information on voles, their habits, habitat, and life cycle, identification, and help locating their burrows. The Extension Toxicology Network (Extoxnet) - A collaborative effort of several US universities collecting pesticide information profiles, toxicology information briefs, and other factsheets and newsletters. Sustainable Gardening Tips: Garden Snake - Information about keeping snakes out of the garden, and accounts of pet dogs and cats encountering snakes. Wildlife Damage Management - University of Nebraska organization offers information on identification and control of mammal, bird, and reptile pests, a business registry of wildlife services, and links to other university resources. The Mole Man - Professional mole trapper provides information on mole behavior, ecology, and control. Illustrated articles, FAQ, listing of several other US trappers by state. Garden Guides - Information on the characteristics of some of the most troublesome garden pests and how to get rid of them. Featured Creatures - Large collection of information sheets on insects, arachnids, and nematodes of importance to Florida residents, arranged by common name, scientific name, and crop or habitat. OutwitCritters - A site about critters that may invade your space. Information on their diet, habitat, interesting facts and evidence of intrusion. Penn State University: Plant Pathology Fact Sheets - Collection of information sheets about diseases affecting herbaceous and woody ornamental plants in the Northeastern U.S.
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