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Cancer is the common term for tumors (neoplasms) characterized by uncontrolled growth at the cell level. The branch of medicine concerned with diagnosis, treatment, and research into the causes of cancer is oncology. Cancer medical specialists are termed oncologist.
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NCI Center for Cancer Research - U.S. government resource which provides access to information for researchers and about collaborations. Aimed at the professional level. Chemo Care - Scott Hamilton’s chemotherapy site offers general treatment information for cancer patients. Associatiion of Online Cancer Resources - Features information, treatments, links, and provides online community support for a wide range of different types of cancer. The Cancer Letter - Periodical which supplies news and current information about the state of research and treatment. The Cancer Supportive Care Programs - Book excerpts covering such topics as psychosocial issues, support, nutrition, pain control and spirituality. CancerGuide - Provides an orientation to help motivated patients begin to actively engage their disease and their health care team. Cancer - Presents general overview information on many of the main kinds of tumors. Includes news, doctor search, glossary and access to support hotlines. Cancer Lynx - An online 'zine for patients and professionals. Cancer Advice UK - Advice and information about diagnosis and treatment issues. Includes leaflets, book suggestions, links and support groups. Nature: Cancer Update - Service which provides access to news articles and reports about recent research activity. Registration required. BBC News: Cancer the Facts - A guide to several types of tumors and their treatments including audio from experts, survivors' stories and news archives. World Oncology Network - Directory of cancer specialists and hematologists. Cancer Leadership Council - A patient-centered forum of national advocacy organizations addressing public policy issues. MedicineNet: Cancer - Presents information such as prevention and treatment side-effects. Also gives resources including links, articles and support groups. Cancer Mondial - The International Agency for Research on Cancer provides access to reports and databases on occurrence and characteristics. On Top of Cancer - Links-based guide to Internet resource. Untangling the Web - Provides access to disability resources including those needed for cancer care support. Cancer Matters - Gives general information including a discussion of treatment options on a range of tumors. Provides links and a directory of resources. Multinational Association Of Supportive Care In Cancer - Research and education in all measures of care for patients with these diseases. National Comprehensive Cancer Network - NCCN is a not-for-profit alliance of centers that develops practice guidelines to help in making informed treatment decisions. Rare - Web-based resource that presents information on a number of the less common cancers. - Provides educational information on therapy for cancer patients, including chemo side-effects. Sponsored by the Amgen firm. Cancer/Oncology News From Medical News Today - Press releases and news articles about research findings and treatments. Cancer - Latest articles from the Cancer GuideSite. Wikicities: Cancer - An open-publishing wiki portal for those interested in this topic. Available for viewing or editing. Inside Cancer - Multimedia guide on the biology of cancer. Offers interviews with researchers, and animations on the underlying science. AllExperts Oncology Q&A - Directory of cancer experts volunteering to answer both general and disease-specific questions. eMedicine Health: Cancer Symptoms - Consumer health resource center providing information on common symptoms. eMedicine Health: What You Need to Know - Consumer health resource center providing general information on cancer prevention, symptoms and treatment. Topix: Cancer News - Headline news and content on related issues. WebMD: Cancer - Consumer health site which includes information for the newly diagnosed, as well as for those coping with chemotherapy. National Cancer Institute - Credible, current cancer information from the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Cancer.Net - Patient information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Includes cancer types, treatments, survivorship, advocacy, resources, podcasts, and news. CancerEducation - Disseminates educational programming in a multimedia electronic clips format. Requires registration for complete access. Healthtalkonline: Cancer - Includes forum, audio and video interviews of patient experiences. Macmillan Cancer Support - Information and support from this UK organization which addresses many of the types of tumors. Includes access to online booklets and other resources. Cytogenetics and Cancer - Blog by Kok Siong, a researcher in the field of cancer cytogenetics. I Have Cancer: New Zealand - Presents a country-specific annotated list of resources that chronicle patients' personal experiences. ACS: Statistics - American Cancer Society presents an array of related statistics. OncoLink - Includes information including news, prevention, clinical trials, conferences and psychosocial support from the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center. Oncology Interactive Education Series - Commercial audio-visual educational resources for patients. Best Cancer Hospitals - Ranking by the magazine of the fifty top cancer hospitals in the United States. Better Homes and Gardens: Cancer - Links to articles about skin and breast tumors.
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