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This category is for sites concerning the study and practice of veterinary science. The veterinary profession is involved in the improvement of animal husbandry, the prevention and treatment of animal disease and all the health issues of animals.
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Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization - Research institute at the University of Saskatchewan investigating the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and the development of effective therapeutic and prophylactic methods to control infectious diseases of humans and animals. Martindale's Health Science Guide: Veterinary Center - Includes directory of veterinary science links. The Merck Veterinary Manual - An online reference for animal health information. Veterinary Medicine Resources - Veterinary medicine links, articles, chat, bulletin boards. VetNurse - Portal for veterinary nurses and technicians. Includes professional news, forum, jobs, products and training resources. Based in the United Kingdom. Side Effects of Rimadyl - Includes information on the use and possible side effects of Rimadyl, provided by the Senior Dogs Project. NetVet Veterinary Resources - Large collection of veterinary medical and animal related internet resources. Consultant - Online computer-assisted veterinary diagnosis tool. Enter signs or diagnosis in search box and get possible matches. VetProf and VetPlus - International e-mail list for professional veterinary discussion. Includes list charter, online subscription application form, archives, client information sheets, and FAQ. Veterinary Information Network - VIN - Large online community for veterinarians. Includes vet finder, forums, membership information, consultants, and contact information. Must be a VIN member to access all of the site. UC Davis Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service - Veterinary dentistry for veterinarians, students and pet owners. Provided by the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of California at Davis. FARAD - Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank - Databank listing the withdrawal times for drugs used in food producing animals in the United States. Center for Animal Health and Productivity - Established to implement teaching, research and service programs directed toward the improvement of health and productivity in food animal herds and flocks. About Veterinary Medicine - Headlines from the veterinary medicine GuideSite. Vet Surgeon - Portal for all veterinary practitioners. Includes professional news, forum, jobs, products, and training calendar. Based in the United Kingdom. Tails of Hope Foundation - Not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine and helping to eradicate cancer and other life-threatening diseases affecting companion animals. A Vet's Guide to Life - Dr Chris Bern, DVM, provides a blog covering the life and experiences of a veterinarian, with a chance to "Ask The Vet". Veterinary Informatics - Informatics deals with the application of information science, engineering, and computer technology to support veterinary teaching, research and practice. Provides resources for both veterinary and medical computing applications and programs. How to Get into Veterinary School - A veterinary student provides tips on preparing, building, and enhancing applications to get into veterinary school. Also provides insights into the life of a veterinary student. The Undercover Vet - Provides a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a vet with true stories and experiences. Veterinary Reproductive Pathology - Dr Rob Foster of the Ontario Veterinary College provides photographs and notes showing normal and abnormal conditions in the reproductive systems of domestic animals and are designed to provide a reference source. Web-DVM - Provides advice and information on dog and cat health problems. Includes a profile of Dr Roger L. Welton, DVM, details of diseases, a symptom checker, ask-the-vet section and articles on breeds. InView Veterinary Imaging - Offers veterinarians telemedicine consultation and interpretation for digital radiographs, ultrasound, MRI and CT. Texas Cooperative Extension: Veterinary Medicine - Provides information on livestock and herd health matters. Includes a list of publications, FAQs, a quarterly review and an events program. Museum of Veterinary Medicine - Museum at Iwate University, Morioka, Japan. Provides a guide to the museum and its history and photographs of some of the exhibits. Center for Veterinary Medicine - The United States federal agency that regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. Includes antimicrobial resistance information, topical index, and agency information. National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners - Provides standardized examinations for use by state and provincial licensing boards as part of their procedure for licensing veterinarians. Provides details of examinations, addresses of licensing boards and a forum. Animal Science - Animal science, animal production, and veterinary medicine community. Literature search, news, reviews, and a job service. wwvffa - Discussion group for veterinarian in food animal practices. Major interest is the Nipah Virus situation in Malaysia. Public health, food safety, and drug residue issues. Your Own Vet - Animal health and behavior blog by two vets from South Africa. Includes detailed articles about health and allows users to ask questions on veterinary matters and animal behavior. Vetstream - Provides multimedia peer-reviewed clinical information services and training tools about the veterinary treatment for dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. Wikivet - Veterinary educational site which aims to supplement conventional teaching with online information and learning tools for the benefit of veterinary undergraduates and student veterinary nurses. The site is a collaborative initiative between the UK vet schools. Lighthouse Radiology - Provides a teleradiology referring service for veterinarians to submit radiographs, CT and MR images, along with the symptoms and history of their patient. Images are interpreted by a veterinary radiologist board-certified with the ACVR. IDEXX VetConnect - Information resource for veterinarians. Includes diagnostic laboratory reports, medical and product information, electronic commerce and web pages for veterinarians. Free registration required. Antimicrobial Resistance Learning Site for Veterinary Students - Teaching resource including information on pharmacology, microbiology, veterinary public health, dairy and beef cattle, equines and pets. Yahoo! Groups: VetNet - Bulletin board for interchange of veterinary ideas, opinions, techniques and information. Case Studies in Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine - The site presents veterinary patients in a grand rounds format. The participant is asked to examine all of the relevant material and then to make a diagnosis and answer questions regarding the case. Follow-up information and a case discussion follows.
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