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This category is for informational sites about the health and well-being of horses and other equines.
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American Association of Equine Practitioners - The official website of the AAEP, offering information on the organization, calendar of events, horse health links, vet directory, chats and forums with vets, and educational partners. - Provides answers to health and training questions, with articles, forums and information on courses. The Horse Weigh Platform - UK based manufacturers of horse weigh platform, with digital read out units, suitable for trainers, studs and veterinary practices. Information on the importance of weight, prices, and distribution details. High Performance Barefoot Horses - Introduction and information on natural hoofcare. Learn how to have a lifetime of soundness by barefooting your horses. Clinic and seminar schedules. - Articles from The Horse Magazine, a monthly publication providing news and information on the equine health, care, welfare, and management. Equine Health Articles - Covering veterinary subjects and farriery. Rivas' Remedies - Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS treats people and animals for all health conditions. Dealers listed. Fair Winds Farm - Offers equine lay-up and horse rehabilitation facilities in San Diego County. If Your Horse Could Talk - Information about natural horse care through knowledge, with webcasts, articles, info and links. Topics include feeding, environments, natural hoof and dental care, and alternative therapies. Rigbie Farm - Multi-faceted equine care and quarantine facility. Includes mission statement, services, videos, FAQs, and photo gallery. Located in northern Harford County, Maryland. Equine Thermography - Information on this technique for identifying inflammation and poor circulation, used in dealing with lameness and hoof problems, back problems and saddle fitting, monitoring conditions, selling and pre-purchase inspection. Ribbit Ranch Equine Swim Facility - Swimming is a useful choice for the conditioning and rehabilitation of horses. Information on this facility in Texas, the services offered and the charges, with a FAQ. Flair Equine Nasal Strips - Information on this horse care product that helps prevent fatigue related injuries and helps protect the lungs from injury. - Provides information on the appearance of a healthy hoof, recognising discomfort, barefoot problems, trimming hooves, the reasons for navicular problems and the rehabilitation of foundered hooves. Equine Breathing - Information on a natural way to help horses to recover from chronic ailments and behavior problems through a holistic approach. Equine Bowen Therapy - Offer a complimentary hands on therapy which stimulates the horses inner ability to heal itself to be activated. Provides information on courses, case studies and practitioners. Horsedoc: Equine Notes - Dr. Robert Leonard, DVM provides short articles about horses, their proper care and diet, common and unusual ailments, seasonal concerns, timely subjects, anecdotal illustrations and stories. Kentucky Equine Research: Equinews - Provides articles written by prominent equine nutritionists and industry experts involved in equine nutrition and sports medicine research. Courses on Horses - Advice blog on horse care, nutrition, natural horsemanship and natural hoof care in a question and answer format. International Society for Equitation Science - Not-for-profit organisation aiming to facilitate research into the training and welfare of horses. Provides information on the officers, membership, conferences and links to other organisations. Equivac - Provides information on protecting horses by vaccination against tetanus and strangles. Equimax Horse Wormer - Provides information on the worms that infect horses in Australia including tapeworms, strongyles, cyathostomes, bots and roundworms. From the maker of Equimax, an oral paste for horses. Plants Poisonous to Horses - List of toxic species provided by Cornell University Department of Animal Science. Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry - Organization offering education, courses, products, articles and information on the shoeless alternative for horses.
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