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Clans (also called guilds, tribes, allegiances, factions, etc.) are groups of players bound together for a common cause to help establish a community for mutual protection or for greater glory. Clans will sometimes have their own online gaming servers and are often involved in battles or competition with other groups. These confrontations are referred to as "clan wars".
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The Black Army - For everyone who is a noob or advanced, with black armor or better. Dark Angels - A Hungarian clan and tip site with maps, quests, and links. Both Hungarian and English versions. The Deathblow Unit - A killing clan. Double Vision Runescape Clan - Home page for the Double Vision Clan has member list, rules, live chat, forums and sign up. The Enchanted Knights - A clan site for the game. Havoc Clan of Runescape - News and links. Team No Fear - Runescape Clan - Pking team with high level. Order of the Spiff - Clan site with skill guide, member roster, screenshots, map, stories, money maker, archery, quests, language, scam guard, monster analysis, and troubleshooting. Phoenix Clan Runescape - Clan that allows characters over level 70. Roster, history, and forums. The Priests - The site of The Priests Clan. Puma Clan - Clan for the game with list of members, allies, ranks, buddy list, meetings and events. The Purple Blood of Castile - Clan site with membership information, rules, chat room, and a list of enemies and allies. Also has a store where you can buy weapons and food. RuneScape Clan - RedStar - Yahoo! Groups: A place for Runescape clans. Runescape Clan - The Redcoats - A clan site for the game. To join you must be from level 30-40 with a red cape. Runescape Vultures - The clan forum of the Rs Vultures, intended to allow player coordination for greater enjoyment of the game. The Scorpions - A clan site that has chat, and forums. SeeD - A large clan, that focuses on helping members of any level with quests, training, and anything else related. Silent Playa Killaz - Clan site includes member list, information, maps, jobs, guides, screen shots, and a forum. TDL - The Dark Legends Clan - View information about the Dark Legends Clan of Runescape or apply for membership. Wolf Clan - General Runescape clan based on helping one another and having fun at parties and events. Zealot - Clan site with sign-up page. Mountain Brawlers - A forum-based clan. Runescape clan-DeathStalkers - A clan forum. The Aussie Knights - An Australian and New Zealand Runescape Clan. Red Juggernaut Clan - Contains news, member information, rules, and registration. The Runite Legion - Forum-based clan containing rules. Registration required.
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