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Clans (also called guilds, tribes, allegiances, factions, etc.) are groups of players bound together for a common cause to help establish a community for mutual protection or for greater glory. Clans will sometimes have their own online gaming servers and are often involved in battles or competition with other groups. These confrontations are referred to as "clan wars". This category contains clan resources and clans from the MMORPG genre.
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Australias Finest Guild - Dealing with Anarchy Online and Diablo II. Includes history, board and general information on membership. Guild of SUN - Includes news, guild information and history, forums, screenshots, and links for a European Player versus Player guild on Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest, and Asheron's Call. The Power Empire - EverQuest II and World of WarCraft Guild. Includes guild news, statistics and forums. The Arisen - Plays EverQuest, EverQuest II and World of WarCraft. Includes guild news, membership rosters, events lists, picture gallery and forums. Knights of Terror - Plays EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, MajorMUD, World of WarCraft, Ultima Online, Diablo and Diablo II, and Asherons Call. Guild of the Zodiac - Plays EverQuest 2 and Dark Age of Camelot. Organization Drow - A gaming organization dedicated to establishing guilds and communities in many MMORPGs. Celestial Order - Plays World of WarCraft, Planetside, Eve Online, and Guild Wars. Also offers forums for computer and video games. Sinister - The guild play World of Warcraft and Age of Conan and offers news, members, allies, enemies, and forums. Warrior Nation Conquest - Plays Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies, Dragon Empires, Planetside, Gang Wars, and World of Warcraft. Contains news, information, member roster, a calendar and forums. Bloodwinter Clan - Plays World of Warcraft and Age of Conan and offers a member and application forum and insight into its Vetrillo server. The Trimmers - Participates in World of Warcraft and City of Heroes. Britannic Lore - A guild based in the United Kingdom. Plays EverQuest II on the Oggok server, World of WarCraft on the Aszune server and Star Wars Galaxies on the Eclipse server. Includes news, screenshots gallery, recruitment information and forums. Fallen Empire Guild - A guild in the online game Fallen Sword. Also has game tools for the members of the realm. Covenant of the Phoenix - The Covenant is best described as a common spirit of camaraderie, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of the Covenant. Castle Wars Community - Runescape castle wars community Deadly Horsemen - We're a family-style guild that stresses having fun. We do raid, about twice a week. Attendance is not required. Our minimum level requirement is 20, however most members are 60+. Please check out the site for more info. OMG Im Drunk - Small/ Medium size group of players, primarily gaming nomads playing EQ2, PotBS, Vanguard, AoC, Warhammer, and anything that grabs our attention. Guardian Force - Guild from Nottinghamshire, England. Their website contains information on their presence in various online games as well as information about the members in real life and content and programs they have created together. Scare Bears Clan - Scare Bears Clan is a competitive online gaming community who focus on team play. Scare Bears play MMO, MMORPG, MMOFPS, and FPS type games. Thunderized MythWar - The site of Thunderized Guild in the game MythWar Online, also has alot of information and guides for the game and a Guild Forum. Broken Chains - Broken Chains is a guild site for Star Wars the Old Republic, SherPlace - A place for players of Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG to hang out, find runes, scrolls and learn fighting skills. Omerta Beyond - Omerta Beyond is simple a GreaseMonkey script that enhance gaming experience for Team Avid - A community for the Avid gamer in all of us.
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