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EyeToy - Play is a series of games developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the EyeToy camera, the PlayStation 2 peripheral which allows players to interact with the game by simply moving in front of their TV, while their own image is reproduced on the screen. All the games of the series were developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The first EyeToy: Play game, released on July 4, 2003 in Europe and on November 4, 2003 in North America, was also the first game available for the EyeToy. All EyeToy - Play games contain a collection of straightforward, generic mini-games which can be played alone or with a few friends. EyeToy games outside this series are usually targeted to more specific audiences, focusing on specific aspects like music or fitness, and featuring slightly more complex gameplay. Like any other EyeToy product, the series has enjoyed strong sales mostly in Europe.
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