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A piece of writing that has been encrypted or encoded. Typically, it is your job to decode the writing.
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American Cryptogram Association: Crypto Drop Box - Sample journal issue, links to member homepages, subject-related graphics, subscription information, and resources. OneAcross - Cryptograms - Solving tool through web browser. Allows entry of a phrase, or selection from "easy, medium, or hard" quotations taken from the Linux fortune collection. Also features the ability to send cryptogram-encoded messages via email. Cryptogrammaton - Ancient Greek mythological themes. Solutions listed separately, along with stories about the mythical characters in the puzzle. Cryptogram Solver Source Code - Source code archive with several programs to automatically solve puzzles. Also includes "crypo-quote" of the day. Cryptograms - Ten problems with solutions taken from famous sayings, adages, and proverbs. By William F. Bultas. CRpuzzles - Collection with browser-based solver tool. Includes hints. After deciphering the hidden quotation, solvers must derive the author's name from the cipher-quote letter pairs to complete their puzzle task. [Requires Java] All-Star Puzzles' Cryptograms - Daily problems with browser based solver. The author's name is hidden in the cipher alphabet. [Requires Java] Cryptograms Louise - A new problem every week. Cryptographs - Puzzles featuring a portrait of a famous person and an encrypted quotation of its source or subject. Cryptogram game - Browser based solver. [Requires Flash 6] Between Waters - Daily problems and solutions available with or without interactive browser-based solver. Letter Frequency and Word Frequency in the English Language - Has the statistics for various types of writings(Press, Religious, Scientific), position in the word(first, second, third, last), and digraphs. Cryptic Quoter - Functional online cryptogram machine and solver. Has wof and buster extra features.
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