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The category contains links to websites with information on accessing and using the Internet via/with DOS.
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FDISK DOS Internet Page - Many links to various DOS Internet resources. Net-Tamer, Inc. - Makes text based (graphics for WWW) multifunction internet client browser for DOS with integrated dialup PPP packet driver. Shareware. WebBoy - A DOS based web browser and mail client created by IBM and marketed by third parties. SurvPC Mailing List - Mailing list for old or low resource PC and DOS Internet. Posting archives, links to resources, related WebRings. Tvdog's Internet Archive - DOS programs to access Internet via SLIP or PPP using XT-class PCs: 8088, 8086, 80286. VE3LGS Lynx and Bobcat Tools - A collection of useful tools and utilities for the Lynx386 and Bobcat DOS text-based web browsers including a TSR for Mouse support, Trace Route, Telnet and MICQ, an ICQ client. DosLynx Quick Start - This site offers DosLynx, a version of the Lynx text-based web browser for MS-DOS. Sioux - Basic Web server for DOS, based on packet driver and Trumpet NTCPDRV. By Georg Potthast. Free. Rubbermallet DOS Networking Resources - Offers network related open source software such as a Web server, an IRC client and a package for developing QuickBasic TCP/IP enabled applications. Arachne - Full screen graphical web browser for DOS, supports HTML 4.0, built-in clients for FTP and e-mail; downloadable packages add support for MPEG, AVI, MP3, Telnet, IRC and USENET. Open source under GNU GPL. TCP/IP for MS-DOS - Details and example concerning TCP/IP and how to implement it and use it on a computer running MS-DOS. Arachne web browser. Installing and setting up for internet connection via Ethernet - Arachne web browser: how to install and set up for internet connection via Ethernet network adapter.
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