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This category is for operating systems (OSs) with two main traits, they: 1) Have an object-oriented, or highly component-oriented architecture. 2) Are open source. Other OSs go elsewhere. On this page, OSs are arranged in two groups and levels: 1) Top group: OSs for which there are more than one instance of an OS of this name/type, an OS family. 2) Bottom group: specific OSs, individual instances; there is only one OS of this name/type.
Sites [ Submit ] - Official site of GNUstep: free implementation of NeXTStep/OpenStep specification. AtomsNet - Modular object-oriented application to index files across networks. Has plug-in type data retrieval system, webserver, peer-to-peer connections for network-wide information gathering, retrieval; has features of OSs, database management systems, distributed networking. Open Source, GPL. Mungi - Orthogonally persistent, capability-based secure SASOS using L4 2nd generation microkernel. Goals: Prove SASOSs can run on normal hardware, be as secure as normal OSs; can be as efficient as, and are faster than, normal OSs in some important uses; can be pure SASOSs with all data (even system data) in one address space and no other IPC mechanism is supported by OS. POSIX emulating. [Open Source, GPL] x-kernel - Object-based framework to implement network protocols; defines an interface that protocols use to invoke operations on one another (i.e., to send messages to and receive messages from adjacent protocols) and a set of libraries to manipulate messages, participant addresses, events, associative memory tables (maps), threads. ROME - Lightweight, very modular component-based, multitasking, embedded OS; developed, used for many research projects. Goal: manage fast data streams in multimedia environments; for speed and low overhead has zero copy architecture: passes pointer references to data instead of copying it. [Open Source, GPL] O3ONE - Object-oriented OS uses best parts of VMS, Unix, Windows NT. Almost everything in kernel is an object (threads, processes, devices, files, event flags, more) to which one can assign logical names. [Open Source] Trinary - Modern object-orientated microkernel, focus: flexibility and functionality, instead of speed and compatibility. Coded in C. Description, downloads. [Open Source, GPL] JOS: Java Operating System - Collaborative undertaking by an international group of Java programmers and enthusiasts to create free Java OS. [Open Source] JX Ltd. - Makes JX OS: set of Java components executes on core doing system initialization, CPU context switching, low-level domain management; code organized as components loaded into domains, verified, translated to native code; protection based on type safety of intermediate (byte)code. Open Source. RCOSjava - Tool designed to teach inner workings of operating systems: simple animated simulated OS and hardware coded in Java. RCOS successor. Sanos - Minimal OS kernel for PC based server appliances. Lets you run java server applications without need to install host OS, only need normal Java HotSpot VM and Sanos. Description, documents, downloads, manifesto, links, contact. [Open Source, BSD] Trion Development Portal - Goal: create modern 32/64-bit OS, based on ideas of object-orientation, nanokernel; coded in C++, C and Assembly where needed. Open source, BSD. The Evolution of OS Design - Object Operating System, OOS, pronounced ooze; goal: create new OS architecture, which uses filesystem to do many jobs usually done via various means. Design philosophy inspired by Unix, Plan 9, but does many things uniquely, trades compatibility for simplicity. [Freecode] leJOS - Tiny Java OS for Lego RCX brick. Like its predecessor TinyVM, has tiny Java runtime, under 32K; works as replacement firmware for Lego; Hitachi H8300 processor. To be ported to more small devices. [Open Source, Mozilla]
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