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Technically, ISPF is IBM's Interactive System Productivity Facility, included with z/OS. It runs on TSO and provides a menu-driven interactive way to do common programming-related tasks, most notably: full screen editor, batch job submission, copy and dataset creation, compile and link-edit programs.
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A Few ISPF Tools and Toys - Mostly ISPF utilities and samples, including the TASID system monitor, written by IBM's Doug Nadel. CTC: Command Technology Corporation - SPF/SE is a Windows workstation implementation of the PDF component, the user interface, of z/OS ISPF. uni-SPF - ISPF for most UNIX platforms from The Workstation Group. Dave's SPF Editor Page - David Alcock's collection of information on the ISPF Editor, including lists of similar editors for other platforms, as well as XEDIT-like editors. ISPF Setup and New Features - Covers initial setup instructions and ISPF features introduced in the 1990s. From the University of Pennsylvania's Information Systems and Computing (Penn Computing). "This material is no longer current and appears online for archival purposes only." ISPF for z/OS - IBM home page for Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) software. An overview with links to features, benefits, system requirements, library, News, how to buy, events, services, support and component Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM). ISPF at NERDC - A detailed overview of ISPF use, with screen shots and little site-specific information. From the Northeast Regional Data Center headquartered at the University of Florida. SCLM - The Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM) runs on and comes with ISPF; related software is also available. SCLM provides application change control.
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