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z/OS is the latest in a long history of names for the high-end IBM mainframe operating system that began as OS/360 in the mid-1960s on the System/360. The most recent previous names were OS/390 and MVS.
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SimoTime - Provides z/OS-based mainframe application concepts, techniques and examples, with special emphasis on integration with the Internet. Hosted by a California consulting firm. Rizzuto IT - Books, education, technical reports, freeware and links of interest to those who support z/OS. Bill's Big Iron Page - Both links and original material covering common programming problems in the z/OS environment. By Canadian Bill Lalonde. Watson & Walker - Cheryl Watson specializes in z/OS tuning. This site offers access to some of her free reports and details on how to acquire her chargeable materials, including her Tuning Newsletter, CPU chart, classes on video, and BoxScore and GoalTender software. MVS Forums - Help Boards provide question and answer discussion threads on z/OS application programming, databases, utilities, JCL, Middleware including CICS, IMS, TSO, ISPF, data management and problem determination. There are also links to IBM manuals. on MVS - A Web site that looks at operating systems, takes a look at MVS, now officially known as z/OS. TSO Times - On-line newsletter of technical articles related to TSO and ISPF, with lots of REXX-related information. Includes some articles on the company's (Chicago-Soft) mainframe software products. Western Illinois University: StuMVS System - Student guides for TSO (ISPF), CICS, MVS QuickRef, AbendAid, local JCL standards and a small glossary. DOCWEB: The CNS Documentation System - Instruction manuals, Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) and News for students and other users of the mostly-mainframe University of Florida (UF)Computing and Networking Services (CNS). UnXMIT Information Exchange - Details on how to write a program for operating systems other than z/OS that will read a z/OS Partitioned DataSet (PDS, also known as a Library) that been sent with TSO's TRANSMIT (XMIT) command. Wikipedia OS/360 Encyclopedia Entry - Short article with many embedded links describing Operating System/360 (OS/360), the original ancestor of z/OS that was written as the operating system for high-end System/360 computers in the early 1960s. LE: Language Environment - The IBM common run-time environment for popular programming languages. RMF: Resource Management Facility - IBM's performance measurement and management software. SDSF: System Display and Search Facility - IBM software to view and control the JES2 queues, running batch jobs, started tasks, and on-line TSO users. RACF - IBM home page for Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) security software. Introduction with links to a technical overview, news, downloads, user groups, past and future presentations, migration, library, FAQs and education. SMP/E: System Modification Program Extended - The software used to install and maintain z/OS software from IBM and many other software companies. UNIX System Services - IBM resources for the full UNIX implementation built into z/OS. IBM z/OS Consolidated Service Test (CST) and the Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU) - Integrated testing of an older Program Update Tape (PUT) level with hipers and PE's from a more recent PUT level for specified operating system, database and teleprocessing monitor versions. z/OS - IBM home page for zSeries/Operating System (z/OS). Information on the latest version with links to an overview, recent announcements, software, migration and installation, news, support, downloads, education, library and ease of use issues. z/OS replaced OS/390 (which replaced MVS) when IBM eserver zSeries 900 (z900) replaced System/390 enterprise servers (mainframes). z/OS Hot Topics Newsletters - Published twice annually by IBM for z/OS Systems Programmers, with one to five page technical articles. Available on-line in PDF format. z/OS Security - IBM security features with and products for z/OS. DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 - IBM home page for Database 2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB). Information on associated products and links to features and benefits, system requirements, library, success stories, news, downloads, events, education, services and support. DB2 is a relational database management system (DBMS). IMS - IBM home page for Information Management System (IMS). Information on the family of software with links to a library, success stories, news, events, education, services and support. IMS is a transaction processing system (IMS/TM), a hierarchical database (IMS/DB), data management tools and connectors. DFSORT/MVS - IBM home page for Data Facility Sort (DFSORT). Includes links to product details, publications, support and downloads. DFSORT is sort/merge software with utility capabilities such as data analysis, conversion and reporting.
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