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Low-level widget toolkits:
  • are integrated in the operating system
  • exist as a separate layer on top of the operating system
  • High-level widget toolkits:
  • OS dependent
  • cross-platform
  • Sites [ Submit ]
    GNUStep - An attempt to provide an Object-Oriented application development framework and tool set for use on a wide variety of computer platforms. Based on the original OpenStep specification provided by NeXT, Inc. FOX GUI Toolkit - A cross-platform C++ based Toolkit for developing GUIs easily and effectively (Unix/X,Win32). [Open source, LGPL] Visual Component Framework - C++ framework created to provide platform GUI framework, features such as Java and Java's Swing, and Borland's Visual Component Library. [Open source, BSD License] libUFO: UI For OpenGL - A C++ based core library for GUIs. Uses OpenGL as drawing library and SDL/Glut as windowing toolkit. [Open source, LGPL] Droplets - A rich thin client framework for building software applications that combine the usability and speed of desktop software GUI with the centralized administration and universal accessibility of Web apps. sjgui - A GUI framework for use in interactive OpenGL applications. The main goal is to provide very easy and fast way to develop portable interactive interfaces, using object-oriented approach. [Open source, BSD License] GUI Library Technical Information - The PEG GUI library home page. PEG is a C++ GUI library designed exclusively for real time embedded systems. libuta - Based on the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). Allows to put together portable graphical applications. SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment - By ProtoDesign, Inc. Develop and deploy highly interactive scientific and engineering simulation programs without writing one line of graphical user interface (GUI) code. xfsft - Patches to provide TrueType font support for X11. aedGUI - A cross-plataform, easy-to-use, non-intrusive C++ GUI library that runs on top of SDL. [Open source, LGPL] LGI (Lightweight GUI Library) - A Lightweight, cross-platform GUI library and application framework. Currently 3 ports exist, Win32, Linux and BeOS. [Open source] SmartWin - A light weighted GUI C++ library for developing GUI applications in Windows API. Imake-Related Software and Documentation - Imake FAQ, software accompanying the O'Reilly "Software Portability with imake" book, notes on use with Motif and X11, imake-related utilities source code. easyGUI - API toolkit for developing GUIs with LCD driver library graphics and graphical display controller drivers. Graphic LCD module application using advanced features like proportional writing, icons, lists and scroll boxes, line drawing. The Lit Window Library - An open source project aimed at making UI coding easier. The C++ library introduces rules-based UI coding, reflections and several other mechanisms to speed up UI coding. GraphApp - Toolkit for cross-platform GUI programming on Windows, X-Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. It works with the C, C++ and Python languages, and the source code can be freely downloaded here. LiteClue Widget - A free bubble or balloon help X Widget. JX Application Framework - JX is a full-featured C++ application framework and GUI class library for the X Window System.
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