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KDE is also about playing. This Category lists sites with games for KDE.

Look at the description of the main KDE Category for more information about KDE.
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KFLog - KFlightLogger - An OpenSource soaring-pilot-software for KDE. It is used to display, analyze and evaluate flights logged with a gps-logger. Kmud - A free graphical MUD client. KHangMan - a Linux game for children 6+ KBoxes! - A little mind game you can play against other humans or the computer. The objective is to wipe out boxes in turn from a set of 1, 3, 5, and 7 boxes. KBillar - A billiard game where everything is user definable: the table, borders, ball properties, and gravity. KRouletteSim - Proposes a method to improve playing the roulette game. EasySok - A sokoban game for KDE. In sokoban you are a warehouse keeper which has to push gems on their goals. KWanda - A fish applet for the KDE panel (kicker). KSnes9x - A Snes9x launcher. KTamaga - A Tamagotchi emulator for KDE. Kcheat - Automatic cheating system for Linux and Linux-like OS's Klotski - A small brick game which has its root in a wooden game named (in French) "Ane rouge". The goal is to bring the red piece to its destination by moving other pieces. KStella - A KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emulator, Stella. FreeLords - A free Warlords clone for MacOS X, BeOS, Linux and Windows. (Open Source) KsirK - A Free and Open Source Strategy Game for KDE. Introduction, Installation, Downloads, Documentation, Contacts, Status and Links. KPuzzle - A KDE jigsaw puzzle that can be used with any picture. KPooka - A logic game for linux/KDE. Kind of a cross between Pengo and Sokoban. KMameRun - KDE Frontend for M.A.M.E., an arcade-game emulator. KTuberling - A game for little kids; it's a "potato editor".
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