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This category covers operating systems (OSs) which were created, and have as a main or major purpose, to educate and teach about OS concepts, design, programming, and/or larger, more general system issues; and/or support other types of education (networking, mathematics); OSs existing solely or in large part, to educate. Mostly the links in this category point to other OS categories and OSs there. The only OSs listed exclusively here are those for which no better or clearer category seems suitable.
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Topsy - Teachable Operating System: tiny multithreaded messaging microkernel, in ANSI C; protected threads, memory managed, and thread/process control. From undergraduate course on concurrency, device programming, OS concepts. Descriptions, documents, theses, downloads, contacts, links. [Open Source, GPL] KOS - Kid Operating System. Modular (run-time dynamic linking), preemptive multitasking, to have SVR4-like VM. Begun 1998 by young programmers, most of them students. Goal: not obtaining OS, but learning OS internals and functioning of x86 processors. Downloads, links, documentation. [Open Source, GPL] Amateur OS: AMOS - Scott Billingsley's OS: realtime for DSP and amateur radio, one user/application, 16-bit real mode, for i386+, FAT 12/16; no TSRs, library of routines to program into apps, minimal kernel support (minimize interrupts), written in NASM assembly and Sphnix C--. NACHOS - Not Another Completely Heuristic Operating System: teaching OS coded in C++ subset, developed at UC Berkeley for OS and Systems Programming classes; now used worldwide. Descriptions, FAQ, port and bug lists, assignments, downloads. [Open Source] Nachos/486 - Port, extension of instructional OS, now stand-alone, protected mode, multithreaded, compiles in FreeBSD to run on i486+, can be relinked without recompile. Descriptions, report (HTML, PDF, PS), download. [Open Source] AcadOS - Academic Operating System, goals: to expose students to more modern ideas than older OSs, to basic OS mechanisms, to OS and language design and prototyping; old version, ideas for new microkernel version.
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