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This category is for resources and information related to the education of programming.
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Have OOPL, Will Travel - Teacher and author in the field of Object-Oriented Programming Languages (OOPL) since 1989. Mind Charger Technologies - Programming courses in Java, C++ and Visual Basic. Courses are customized to meet individual needs. Yup! - Programming assignments completed quickly by an expert programmer for a fee. DevelopMentor - Training and education for developers building distributed systems. Brunning Software - Training systems teaching programming and circuit design for PIC microcontrollers. GAR Technologies - Hands on, instructor led training programs for Java, Visual Basic, ASP, Web Developer and Oracle DBA. Deitel & Associates, Inc. - Text books and training courses in Java, C, C++, Internet and other programming technologies. The Computer Science Lab - A low-cost self-study course in computer programming. KMS IT - Online and in person training in all aspects of IBM mainframe operation including JCL, Assembler and REXX. JUDO - A programming environment designed to help teach beginners and children how to program. Bubble media - Contains articles, tutorials and tips on a range of technical subjects from programming in java, C#, .NET to linux and open source initiatives. The Perfect App - Rules and guidelines for creating the perfect app. Examples included. The Quick Reference Site - Offers free Quick Reference Cards and programming related e-books, papers and tutorials in PDF format. Lecture slides on XML-RPC - Provides teaching material (slides and assignments) for an XML-RPC track in a distributed computing module. Rational Dev - Tips and tutorials from programmers interested in writing software correctly and efficiently. Subjects include software process and development tools. ARS Based Programming - Programming based on Abstraction, Reference and Synthesis, (ARS). - Free tutors for html, php, perl, cgi, c++, c#, .Net framework, sql, mysql, xml, visual basic, oracle, java, javascript, windows programming, networking, a+, tcp/ip, games programming, mobile programming, ms-office and photoshop. Programming for Beginners - Tutorials on Microsoft Access, Visual Basic 6 and .Net, database modeling with SQL/MySQL. Includes samples, practice assignments and demos. Third Millennium, LLP - C#, XML, Java, Perl, VB, training and courseware. Intertech Inc. - A company dedicated to Java and Microsoft hands-on developer training. It informs about training programs, consulting services and job offers.
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