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Shareaza - Open source multi-network P2P client for Windows. It is able to download a given file from the BitTorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella 2 and eDonkey networks simultaneously. GNUnet - Free (GPL) peer-to-peer framework of the GNU project with a focus on anonymous file-sharing. Works under Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows. iMesh - A clone of BearShare which connects to the same, proprietary network approved by the RIAA. Requires a monthly subscription for full access, only music files controlled by acoustic fingerprinting and video files under 15 minutes are allowed. - O'Reilly Network's source for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) developer news and information. Topics include Napster, File-Sharing, Collaboration, Freenet, Gnutella, and P2P applications. Provides essential peer-to-peer articles and resources. Carracho - Offers Mac software that allows you to share files, search for files, resume stopped downloads, and create own chat rooms. StreamSec 2PCube - Integrated client and server with strong encryption designed for small groups on large networks. Features include file sharing, messaging, news and chat. Publius Publishing System - Web publishing system that is highly resistant to censorship and provides publishers with a high degree of anonymity. The giFT Project - A modular daemon capable of abstracting the communication between the end user and specific file-sharing protocols. Features a homegrown p2p network, OpenFT. WWW File Share - File sharing system with a browser-based client allowing sharing amongst closed networks of friends. Mute File Sharing - Multiplatform peer-to-peer file sharing network designed to maintain users' anonymity. Mute is free, open source software for multiple operating systems. WASTE - Software and protocol enabling secure distributed communication and file sharing for small trusted groups of users. Soulseek - Free file sharing application. News, forums, FAQ and tutorials. MLDonkey - Open source, multi-platform, multi-protocol client. Includes support for eDonkey2000, Overnet, BitTorrent, Direct Connect and Fasttrack, and is written in Objective Caml. QP2M - Open source peer 2 mail application for Windows and GNU/Linux that lets users share, store and manage their files via e-mail accounts. Ares Galaxy - Open-source program for Windows which has its own network derived from Gnutella and which is also able to handle BitTorrent and Shoutcast. Shareaza Plus - Derived from Shareaza, it has a redesigned network core developed in an attempt to provide better stability. Also aims to speed up file searches and downloads and has additional features for advanced users. - Provides information, tutorials and several patches to make WinMX work since Frontcode Technologies abandoned its development. Also includes a support forum. WinMX World - Offers a support forum, tutorials, information for system administrators and patches to make the old client work with current servers. Sharelin - Offers an open source client compatible with Unix platforms for the G2 network which is also used by Shareaza. Includes screenshots and a forum. StealthNet - Open source client for the Rshare anonymising peer-to-peer file sharing system. Includes screenshots, tutorials and a forum. RetroShare - Open Source, cross-platform application that offers secure chat and file sharing features. Includes screenshots, a wiki and a support forum. Gnomoradio - Music sharing, playback, and recommendation program for Creative Commons licensed songs. Gnomoradio is free, open source software for Linux/UNIX systems. Konspire - A searchable, distributed file sharing system with no central servers, and resumable file transfers. Written in Java 1.1 for portability. Bunzilla - Free p2p anonymous file sharing software for Windows .net platform. S3 Browser - A freeware Windows client for Amazon S3 Service and Amazon CloudFront. It can manage users and groups and grant various permissions to folders and files. EZ Boosters - Lightweight tools aiming to enhance the functionality and speed of file-sharing programs: LimeWire, BitComet, Ares Galaxy, Azureus, eMule, FrostWire, BearFlix. BearShare - A peer-to-peer file sharing application, integrated with a music subscription service. Qnext - Unified Communication, audio, video, multi protocol, IM's-Sharing photos-files & music streaming. WinMX Community Patch - Official Download Location for the free WinMX Community Patch Installers. This patch makes the original WinMX client connect to the new servers run by the WinMX Community. Filetopia - File sharing tool with public key encryption, instant messages, chat, free e-mail, message boards and file collection organizer.
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