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HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language, the authoring language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. This area covers editors that modify/create web pages using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. This means that to build pages one doesn't need to manually edit raw HTML. Instead one builds pages based on visual elements like images, links, etc. Some of these editors will show the HTML source and support editing in either Source or WYSIWYG mode.
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oXygen - Support for XML, XML Schema, DTD, XSL and TXT documents. Features XSLT transformation, Unicode support, FOP support, browser preview, automatic DTD generation, code insight and outliner. - Edits HTML, MHT and EML files. Print and export into PDF. Includes spell check engine. Freeware. EasyHTMLHelp - Product aimed at authors and programmers who want to make web pages from Word for Windows documents. Supports Word 97, Word 2000, Word XP and Word 2003. Free trial available. Nostrum India - Tarantula is a web authoring tool with pixel level layout control and drag and drop support. Psylon - The LiquidFX WebMaster suite has been designed for web authors and developers who range from the beginner all the way to the high end professional. SJ Namo - Offers Web Editor 9, in English and German, Cross Editor 2 for use with MS Office. Has HTML content authoring ActiveX component software. Includes mobile preview. Olson Software - HyperText Studio is a WYSIWYG HTML and HTML Help authoring tool provides a visual way to create web sites, help files and other documentation. Overview, system requirements, key features and a demo to download. FLFSoft - HTML Builder for Windows 3.x1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 or Windows NT. LMSOFT - Web Creator Pro has support for forms, Google apps, PayPal, social networking. Online technical support. Web Page Maker - Web page editor with drag and drop, some pre-designed templates and ready-to-use navigation bars. Additional features include built-in color picker, and Java script library. Py Software - Actual Drawing is a shareware visual tool to make web pages by dragging and dropping page content. Contains image manipulation tools and supports forms. bpEditor - HTML editor that can be embedded into a web page. Internet Explorer 4.5+ dependent. No longer under active development. EditWRX - A web based editor that supports multiple users, table and forms creation/editing and new page creation. Stormdance - Antenna Web Design Studio is a drag-and-drop web page editor, with master pages, layers, and rollover buttons. Asbru - Web Content Editor and Website Manager are browser-based cross-browser/cross-platform WYSIWYG editors. Include table, Flash, Java Applet and CSS style sheet support and drag and drop editing. BlueShoes - Customizable Javascript editor to use directly from a web browser (Internet Explorer 6). htmlArea - htmlArea is a free WYSIWYG editor replacement for textarea fields. Users can change the font, make bullets, and insert images and links. Version 3.0 is cross-platform. Easy Web Editor - Web publishing tool. Includes overview. KompoZer - WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor derived from Nvu. Binary downloads for Windows, Mac, and several variants of Linux. An alternative to Nvu. [Open Source] Nvu - Open source web authoring system with WYSIWYG and HTML modes and site management features derived from Netscape Composer. Designed for Linux, Windows, and Macs. An alternative to Kompozer. BlueGriffon - Open source, cross-platform editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox, by the developer of Nvu. Add-ons, documentation, support forum. Dynamic HTML Editor - WYSIWYG editor uses both CSS and/or tabled layouts. Edit and rotate/resize images, apply effects, create shapes, apply stencils to images. Includes templates. Ewisoft - Website Builder and eCommerce Builder are HTML WYSIWYG editing software. Features drag-and-drop, XML sitemap builder and integrated shopping cart. HTMLCode Tester - Helps users edit and test HTML codes. User types or edits HTML code in one box and the resulting web page appears in a separate box instantly. Xara - Website software that supplies a template based solution to place text, graphics and photos with one tool, as well as mouseover, thumbnail and pop-up creation. WebPlus - Serif - Website design software for small organizations and home use. Includes free and paid versions, tutorials and templates. Design desktop and mobile sites. Breezi - Offers form support, templates, FTP and site mapping. Sitoo Web - Create and design a website or handle email marketing, without programming. An existing website may be imported, or a new site built either from the ground up or using a design concept. Offers advanced image handling and search engine optimization. XSitePro - Build a web page from the ground up or from supplied templates, with audio and video, live news feed. Includes mobile browser options. CKEditor - WYSIWYG editor compatible with all major browsers. There are open source and paid versions. NetObjects Mosaic - Create a mobile website online with a drag-and-drop interface. OpenBEXI - An Open Source software editor with text, DOJO editor, charts and calendars. Provides video tutorials and a forum. EchoUs Media - Flexee - A responsive website builder.
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