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Authoring software used in the development of HTML projects. HTML is an acronym for the HyperText Markup Language. It is by far the most common means of expressing information on the World Wide Web. For more information on HTML, visit the Computers: Data Formats: Markup Languages: HTML category.
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EditPlus - Editor for Microsoft Windows. Includes syntax highlighting. - Freeware and shareware actions for Softpress Freeway. - Offers preHTML, a preprocessing tool. Beta version available for download. Clox WebMaster - A clock tool generating HTML to display different time zones on a web page. The Computer Guys - Web-O-Rama editor. Free download and screenshot. Also offers professional version. [Microsoft Windows] Mapedit - Creates both client-side and server-side image maps. [Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, UNIX] CodeSwitcher - Search and replace utility with focus on HTML and Web maintenance. [Microsoft Windows] Webman - Page generator and database manager, allows multiple users to build pages on a central server. Live demonstration, links to existing customer sites. [Linux, Unix] K.Soft: InternetNotePad - This editor provides remote edit and save facilities. Brief description and free download available. Frequent pop-up advertising. Web Developer's Journal: HTML Editors and Associated Tools - Reviews, links to software and plugins, forums. Muwse - Multilingual editor. Free trial version available. [Macintosh] Interlogy: Html On The Web - Modify web pages from a browser by installing this script. Free download, documentation. RGBhex - A freeware program that helps you pick or convert colors in RGB and hexadecimal format. Softpress Freeway - Web design software for the Apple Macintosh. Imaptool - A tool for creating client-side image maps. [X Windows] RTF to XHTML Converter - Convert RTF (Word documents) and Text (.txt) files to HTML and XHTML with CSS. WWWis - A perl script to automatically insert the correct dimensions for inline images into an HTML file. List of features, usage instructions, change log, known bugs, and download. [GPL] Website Meta Language - A free markup generation toolkit for Unix. News, full documentation, mailing list, examples. [Unix]
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