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This category is intended for the graphic software programs and utilities associated with the creation and manipulation of digital graphics.

Two techniques are used for creating and maintaining pictures in a computer. The first method called "vector graphics," which maintains the image as a series of points, lines, arcs and other geometric shapes.

The second method called "bitmapped graphics" and also known as "raster graphics," they resemble a television, where the picture image is made up of dots. Understanding these two techniques and how they interweave is crucial.

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OnTheGoSoft - Software for creating passport photos and backup of digital photos. Vivid Visual Effects - Offers flexible After Effects Plug-ins for composting and video editing. Markzware, Inc. - Specializes in developing prepress software for the graphic art and printing industries. Makers of FlightCheck. Zenith's Software - Workspace Maximizer is a program for web masters and graphic designers who want to use full monitor's space for designing. May not support some browsers. Moon Software - Font Xplorer, a font management programs. Multimedia Xplorer, manage images, sounds, videos and icons. Content Paradise - Marketplace to buy and sell 2D and 3D content, audio, and software. Pics Print - The photo printing solution for digital cameras and images. Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. Hamrick Software - Produces VueScan, a utility for obtaining high-quality images from most scanners, for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Also produces VuePrint, a JPEG and GIF image viewer for Windows. [Shareware] Evolvotron - Interactive "generative art" application for GNU/Linux (using Qt) to evolve images/textures/patterns through an iterative process of random mutation and user-selection driven evolution. The code is licensed under the GPL. Renaissance Image Explorer - Database application that uses ODBC to store images in any DBMS including Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and SQL Server. Features include web page generation, batch processing, image editing, slide shows, and drag/drop function. PhotoELF - Print up to 64 different photos per page. View, edit, enhance, print and create browser based photo albums. Trial-version available [Windows 95 or above] 3D-Album Photo Presentation Software - Digital photo album software that creates 3D multimedia presentations in over 50 3D themes. Copy presentations onto a CD, then turned into a screensaver, sent as an email attachment, or used on a web page. Atrise Golden Section - A transparent screen grid for computer-based design, it allows to control and correct sizes and proportions in design projects using the golden section proportion. Adjustable user interface for GUI, web and image design ProWorks - Flipper activeX controls lets one add fast, compelling and customized business and scientific charts and drawings to Windows applications. JavaPhotoLab - Image processing tools written in Java. A. Brochard, P. Rolland-Balzon LASSP Tools - Collection of Unix utilities for numerical analysis and graphics, useful both for displaying and to filter data. Hardcore Processing - Developers for Windows and Linux with titles such as "CeX3D Converter": a LightWave 3D, Unreal Editor, RenderMan converter, and "RI::ML": Standard ML bindings for RenderMan. PAX-it - An image database software that organizes, measures, analyzes and creates reports from images in an electronic filing system. Easy Image Tools - Offers Animation EffectBox program for creating GIF files, My Thumbnailer a search and browsing tool, MakeGIF create GIF-files from command line in batch mode, and WCatalog will organize text and graphical data in hierarchical form. Soft Experience - CrossIPTC utility allows efficient placement of IPTC accents into digital pictures and makes it readable in both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Features downloadable trial, screen shots and ordering. AlgoLab Photo Vector for Windows - A set of original specialized image processing utilities designed to convert color raster images to vector formats that includes color reduction, cleaning and auto-trace. Kinesix - Offers human machine interface software for creating customized command and control graphics for complex data. Combines the capabilities of HMI, SCADA and GUI software into a single application. Pixarra - TwistedBrush is a brush engine that features a full collection of realistic natural brushes. Downloads, gallery, forum and a support area. Photo Sharing with icu Software - Share photos in email without attachments or restrictions, includes advanced image/html editing controls. Project5 Photocut Processor - Bitmap tracing program that creates photographic effect in vinyl using vinyl cutter only with no additional costs. No large-format printer required. ACD See - Developer of several programs for image editing, cataloging, and data compression. Feature description, screenshots, support area and online store. [Win] Image Tools Group - Software development team specializing in creation of image processing tools, animation software, graphic programs for Web design, tools for data processing and visualization in scientific and engineering applications. Alchemy Mindworks - Offers Graphic Workshop, a Windows image management package including GIF Construction Set, Presentation Wizard, Screen Saver Construction Set, and Animation Workshop. - Offers tools for painting, sketching, animating, 2D and 3D illustration, game content creation.
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