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Legal information on the subject of copyright law.
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Publishing Law Center - Legal information for the publishing community. Stanford Copyright & Fair Use - Information and study aids concerning copyright law. Intellectual Property Online - An exhaustive list of annotated links to patent, trademark and copyright information from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. United States Copyright Office - Provides and an overview of copyright law, federal laws, regulations and other US government publications. Also provides information about registering a copyrighted document, as well as a searchable database of documents filed with the office. The Copyright Website - Endeavoring to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information. Myths About Copyright Explained - Answers to common myths about copyright from Brad Templeton, former publisher at ClariNet Communications Corp., What is Copyright Protection? - Information about copyrights in general, and as applied to the internet. GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) - Organization supporting software authors who give up their copyright protections to allow the free distribution of software. Basic Copyright Concepts For Writers - Article explaining basic copyright concepts with links, examples, and additional information. Sentry - Australian copyright information Berne Convention - International convention for the protection of literary and artistic works. Purpose of Copyright - An essay on the state of copyright protections. Interview: Michael Landau on Copyright - Professor Landau of the Georgia State University College of Law comments on the Supreme Court case of The New York Times v. Tasini. Contracts, Copyright and Preemption in a Digital World - Law journal article by I. Trotter Hardy focusing on copyrights. Fair Use in a Nutshell - A 16-step roadmap to copyright's most important exception. By Lloyd J. Jassin, a New York-based publishing attorney. Illustrated Story of Copyright - Detailing the history of copyright law. Copyright and Art Issues - Copyright and fair use in the realm of art and our cultural heritage. National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage - Information sharing initiatives, including copyright town meetings. Yale University - Annotated copyright policies of selected colleges and universities. Copyright Association of Ireland - Promotes informed debate and awareness of copyright issues in Ireland and around the world. Public Domain Information Project - Reference site to help the ordinary person identify music and songs in the public domain. Copyright and Related Rights - Articles, guidelines, meeting schedules, resources, and press releases. Copyright Information Services - Overview of laws, rights, and treaties regarding copyrights and intellectual properties. Includes information on registration, fair use, and applications in the recording and publishing industries. Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900) - A digital archive of primary sources on copyright from the Universities of Cambridge and Bournemouth in the UK. Initially focuses on document from Renaissance Italy, France, German-speaking countries, Britain and the United States. Search and browse by date, location, language, and author. Copyright At MIT - Information and resources including infringement notification. Features school policies, guidelines, and related links. American Bar Association - Information on Intellectual Property laws. Includes articles on current legislation, tips, and upcoming programs. Standford University Libraries: Copyright and Fair Use - Overview of rights and permissions for websites, academics and educational applications. Includes frequently asked questions, registration, enforcement, public domains, and research.
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