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Scripting language of Revolution multi-platform rapid development tool and engine.
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Extending the Runtime Revolution Message Path - An introduction to using Libraries, FrontScripts, and BackScripts in Runtime Revolution's Transcript programming language. Fourth World's Revolution Embassy - Portal for developer's using Runtime Revolution's Transcript programming language. HyperActive Software - Articles, tutorials, examples, and games for Transcript programmers using Revolution and MetaCard. revJournal - Webzine for Runtime Revolution and the Transcript programming language, with articles, tutorials, interviews. RunRev Ltd - Makers of LiveCode, a high-level software development system that empowers to design applications that run in Windows, Mac OS, Linux and mobile environments, using a compile-free workflow. The company presents products, downloads, support and information about itself. - A few notes on building a simple "rich client" Internet app, simple interface to external executable, executing long scripts stored in custom properties. Tactile Media Demonstration Stacks - A collection of demonstration and experimental stacks for Revolution. Flexible Learning - Xtalk - Home of The Scripter's Scrapbook, with a collection of utilities for Revolution and MetaCard. Sons of Thunder Software's Transcript Tips and Tricks Archive - A collection of Transcript solutions contributed by the Revolution developer community. Dynamic Digital Maps - An open-source template used to make DDMs that display and link JPEG images of maps, images, text and data, including a 64 page "Cookbook" and examples of DDMs. MetaMedia - Useful and not so useful stuff for Metacard and Revolution: Sample stacks, tools, tutorials, and applications. BYU Revolution Course Notes - A collection of course notes for Brigham Young University's Computers and the Humanities (CHum) courses, which teach programming principles and multimedia software development using Runtime Revolution and Transcript. Oriented toward students in non-technical specialties. The Rinaldi Collection - With over 200 first rate freeware XCMD and XFCN to download, fully documented and supported by the author (also known as the XCMD Factory), and many smart Transcript developer tools. Quartam Reports - Reporting tool for Revolution. Releasable Revolution - Tutorials, frameworks, libraries and code for Revolution application developers. Hosted by Blue Mango Learning Systems. ChatRev - A chat client for Runtime Revolution, and is free for anyone to use and modify.
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